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American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9: Lewinsky And Linda Will Testify In Front Of “The Grand Jury,” What’s Next?

Bill Clinton was confronted with two of his sexual scandals in the previous episode of American Crime Story Season 3. So, Bill will stand trial in court in the next episode after his DNA is found on Lewinsky’s blue dress. Moreover, Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky will tell their side of the story before the grand jury.

In the previous episode, the world and Hilary learned about Bill’s secret during the 1992 election campaigns. So will the President be able to prove himself innocent in American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9? Continue reading to find all the essential news about the next episode.

American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9 Precap: What Will Happen?

FX has dropped the synopsis and a short promo for the ninth episode titled “The Grand Jury.” The upcoming episode will depict Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp telling their side of the story from 23 jury members. In the promo, we can feel the amount of pressure the two were under when they were asked to tell the truth to the American people about their President. Monica Lewinsky says that she knows the jury already hates her to speak against Bill, even before hearing her story. Moreover, Linda will be a public witness who will face complicated situations. It seems like she will betray Monica in the upcoming episode of American Crime Story Season 3.

Meanwhile, there are many differences between Hilary and Billy after she gets to know the truth. However, she will choose to stand by her husband in the next episode. Moreover, Bill will still win the 1992 elections, even after a lot of controversies that will affect his reputation. As Bill stands trial, it seems like Ken Starr will have to do his best to prove him guilty in American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9.

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A Quick Recap!

The eighth episode kicked off with the 1992 election press conference. At the conference, Gennifer Flowers revealed her affair with Bill Clinton for 12 years. The American citizens were shocked by the news. Even Hilary was shocked, but she chose to stand by her husband no matter what. Following the news, a new case about Lewinsky also hit the media. Lewinsky was also claimed to have an affair with Bill. The report led to a big blow to the President’s reputation. However, Hilary still chose to make public appearances to keep a check on the controversies in American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 8.

Meanwhile, Starr fired Ginsburg and appointed the Altar Boys to extract Lewinsky’s writing samples and fingerprints carefully. Starr’s investigation also led to the discovery of Bill’s DNA on Lewinsky’s blue dress. Thus, the council called Bill for testifying in front of the court. Moreover, he told Hilary the truth before testifying. Bill used Paula’s tricks to get out of the situation during the testimony, but Starr confused him by shooting questions at the President. In the end, Hilary sent Bill to the guest house with her stuff in American Story Season 3 Episode 8. 

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American Crime Story Season 3 Episode 9: Release Date

The ninth episode of American Crime Story Season 3 will air on November 2, 2021. FX airs each new episode weekly on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. with an estimated runtime of 41-60 minutes. Moreover, viewers can stream the latest episodes on Hulu+Live, Fubo TV, Sling TV, Xfinity, and YouTube TV. So don’t miss the penultimate episode of season 3 and return for more informative news.


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