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Hawkeye Season 1: Clint Teaming Up With Rookie Archer Kate To Take On An Army Of Ronin Enemies! Releasing Soon

Image: Disney+

Disney+ is all set to bring the fifth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the debut of Hawkeye. The limited mini-series will premiere towards the end of the year. Hawkeye Season 1 will mark the return of Clint Barton along with Kate Bishop. Further, it will portray the events after Avengers: Endgame 2019, when Hawkeye incarnated as Ronin after losing his family in the Blip.

The series will follow Clint Barton, who plans to spend more time with his family post-Blip. However, news about a vigilante, Hawkeye, surprises him, and he decides to track the person pretending to be Clint. Further, Hawkeye will confront his enemies from his past as Ronin. He will also require the help of the young archer Kate Bishop to fight his enemies and get back to his family on time for Christmas. So, keep reading further to discover all the details about Hawkeye Season 1.

Hawkeye Season 1: Trailer Breakdown

The trailer of Hawkeye Season 1 begins with Clint having dinner with his family after their return from the Blip. He promises to make up for the lost time. In the following clip, Clint sees the media talking about the return of Ronin in the news. Naturally, he is surprised by another person pretending to be Clint. So, he plans to spy on the unknown entity while maintaining his distance. His family seems to be worried about the news. However, Clint assures his daughter that he will be home for Christmas.

Clint feels nostalgic about his dark side seeing the suit as he recalls the enemies he made during the time. Now, he is curious to know the identity of the person behind the mask. It turns out to be a woman who claims to be the world’s greatest archer. Clint and Kate are being hunted down by their enemies, who plan to take him dead or alive in the moments that follow. Clint looks a little out of shape as he teams up with the rookie archer to take on an army of madmen. Thus, Hawkeye Season 1 will be a journey of thrill and unexpected turns, which is sure to surprise the audience with a blend of humor and action.

Image: Disney+

Announcement And Production Details!

MCU had started developing the limited series focusing on Hawkeye in April 2020. Disney+ announced the mini-series in July. Then, the filming for Hawkeye Season 1 began in New York in December. Finally, the shooting concluded in April 2021. Also, some additional filming was completed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who Will Be The Cast?

Jeremy Renner will reiterate his role as Clint Barton from the Avengers movie series. Moreover, Hailee Steinfeld will portray Kate Bishop, along with Vera Farmiga, Free Fee, Tony Dalton, Brian d’Arcy, Alaqua Cox, Zahn McClarnon, and Florence Pugh. In addition, Linda Cardellini, Ava Russo, Ben Sakamoto, and Cade Woodward will reprise their roles as Hawkeye’s family in season 1.

Image: Disney+

Hawkeye Season 1: Premiere Date

Disney+ will premiere the first two episodes on November 24, 2021. The first season will feature six episodes in total. And the final episode of the first installment will air on December 22, 2021, just before Christmas. So, don’t miss the latest episodes, and keep returning for more exciting updates about your favorite shows.

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