March 4, 2024
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Rod Wave Net Worth Will Astonish You! Know-How Popular This Singer Is In 2021?

Rod Wave

TikTok has brought many people fame and name as this video-sharing platform turned up as an excellent platform for artists to gain exposure. One such artist is Rod Wave, the upcoming artist, and rapper who has beaten Justin Beiber’s record. However, he started from the low before reaching such a height. Before Rod Wave’s “Heart On Ice” went viral and earned him stardom and a spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, he lived a low-profile life.


Now the rapper is up for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards amongst some Top New Artists. However, Rod Wave may not be a household name, yet his queer style of music streams like the one. Yet Rod’s is one of those whose streams are grooving. Also, the lyrics perfectly describe his past life in them. His No. 1 album “SoulFly” has offered him abundance. And brought him the name he’s been seeking. But if you’re still wondering who Rod Wave is, his net worth and such kind of details, then let’s dig into his life.

Lived A Low-Profile Life

Rod aka Rodarious Marcell Green, was born on August 27, 1999, in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States. However, his parents separated when he was studying in elementary school. Soon after their separation, his father was imprisoned as he was a street hustler. Thus Rod’s mother raised him. But due to financial issues, he was involved in criminal activities. Such as selling drugs, robbing houses, stealing cars. Even being arrested for armed robbery.

However, Rod decided to change after his dad was released ultimately. His dad’s release brought many changes in his life as he chose to continue his study. So, later Rod joined Lakewood High School to continue his study. But he also had a knack for music that later took him to a totally different path.

Rod’s Career In Music

Rod started his career in music by releasing some mixtapes. But he came into the public’s eye back in 2016 when he released “Heartbeat Hotel,” his original song. The song soon received a positive response from the audience, and it officially reached 4.1 million views on YouTube. He released three more songs the same year, titled Gambling, Think Too Much, and Hunger Games. Well, the year turned out as the luckiest year for him.

Shortly in 2017, he returned with one more song, “Rookie of the Year.” The mixtape once again took him to greater heights and played on every streaming platform. Later he signed a deal with Alamo Records in 2018 and the year turned out as his most successful year. Rod further launched four more songs in the same year, including, Hearts 4 Sale, Bag, Feel The Same Way.

Rod Wave Earning In Millions

One after the other, Rod released plenty of blockbuster hit music that made him a millionaire. According to We Publish News, Rod Wave’s earnings from his viral stream is an estimated $1.6 million. Also, his latest album, “SoulFly” has topped the Billboard leaving Justin Beiber’s Justice behind. According to Billboard, this album has earned him 130,000 units within the first week. Besides SoulFly, Street Runner, Richer, and Tombstone have also secured a place in Billboard. With this, you might get some idea of how successful he is.

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