May 26, 2024
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FBI Season 4 Episode 6: Squad Investigates A Serial Shooter Targeting Detectives In “Allegiance”! Know Release Date

FBI Season 4 Episode 9

It looks like a new serial shooter is planning to settle scores with some detectives in FBI Season 4 Episode 6. The squad will be under pressure from the NYPD, while they give everything to catch the attacker before things get worse.


In the previous episode, the team investigated the abduction of Charlotte Kincade. The bizarre case and the secrets unfolded the surprising realities of her marriage. However, the FBI managed to find her and take the kidnapper under custody. So, what will happen next in the sixth episode of FBI Season 4? Continue reading ahead to know all the essential details.

FBI Season 4 Episode 6 Preview: What Will Happen?

CBS has dropped the official synopsis and a promo for the upcoming episode titled “Allegiance.” The sixth episode of FBI Season 4 will be a tough one for the team. They will try to apprehend a serial shooter who is targetting detectives from the same unit and precinct. Moreover, the squad will be under constant pressure from the NYPD, interfering with their investigation. 

Further, in FBI Season 4 Episode 6, Tifanny will find herself inclined towards her past with the NYPD. However, her reliance on the NYPD might affect her decisions and her relationship with FBI squad members. In the promo, an officer is ambushed in the middle of the night. Also, other officers are also attacked by a hideous serial shooter, who seems to have beef with them. 

Image: CBS

A Quick Recap!

The fifth episode followed the kidnapping of a suburban woman named Charlotte Kincade from her house. When her husband Alex returned from a business trip, he found their home in chaos. The initial reaction of the FBI squad was that Charlotte was abducted for ransom. However, the investigation pointed out Alex’s questionable character. In addition, the FBI caught him fleeing with Jamie Baker, a woman he was seeing. But the investigation did not lead to Alex being connected with the abduction in FBI Season 4 Episode 5.

Meanwhile, the FBI found footage of Charlotte running away from a sex club owner named Grant King. It turned out that Charlotte had some wild fantasies leading to her split personality, Astrid. She was faking the chase to lure other men into fulfilling her fantasies. She took them to a secret apartment and spent time with them. However, the kidnapper was also spotted in the footage. The stalker was Andrew Fraiser, who abducted women, proposed to them, and killed them if they rejected him. He was also responsible for Brenda Mason’s death. 

Image: CBS

So, the team asked Alex to think about Charlotte’s possible location. After thinking hard, Alex told the FBI that she could be at the hotel where he proposed Charlotte. Finally, OA tracked her down and convinced the abductor into letting Charlotte go in FBI Season 4 Episode 5.

FBI Season 4 Episode 6: Premiere Date

The sixth episode of FBI Season 4 will air on November 9, 2021. CBS will air each new episode weekly on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, with a runtime of around 60 minutes. The latest episodes are also available to stream on CBS’s official website and Paramount+. So, don’t miss the newest edition of season 4 and return for more exciting updates.

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