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Dr Stone Chapter 218: Production Of Two-Way Rocket! Release Date & Plot

Dr Stone Chapter 218

Dr Stone Chapter 218 will feature Xeno and Senku starting the production of a two-way rocket. However, they have to build everything from scratch again. Initially, they were working on a one-way rocket. But Chrome thinks that will be a suicide, and they should use a two-way rocket for the Mission Moon. Along with this, Senku and his team will also begin to look for the astronauts and start their training.

The fans can expect them to make incredible growth in the next chapter, which will take them one step closer to achieving their mission. However, they still need to gather more building material for the production of a rocket. Moreover, the selection process will also begin in the next chapter. So, will Senku and Xeno be able to create the new rocket, and when will the 218th chapter come out? Here are all the latest details. 

Dr Stone Chapter 218
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Dr Stone Chapter 218: Plot Details

Senku and his team will take a little work and enjoy a good time before they begin all the hard work. They will do it while sipping Eucommia tea. A separate team will gather to work on cables under the sea in order to connect the world. While they do this, the team will take another break in Hawaii to enjoy a cup of coffee. They will likely use this time to plan their next move. 

In Dr Stone Chapter 218, the team will work to create something like an e-paper. After creating that, they will organize a conference that engineers will attend all around the world. Senku and his team will also develop a selection committee to choose the astronauts. They will also launch their training program that will kick off in the next chapter. 

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Previous Chapter Recap!

In the recent chapter of this manga, Senku and his team tried to find a way to build a two-way rocket. Chrome was the one who came up with this idea. According to him, if they use a one-way rocket, then it would be a suicide mission.

However, initially, Senku and Xeno were not in favor of this idea as in order to build a new rocket, they had to start everything again from scratch. 

But Chrome was in no mood to back off. He came up with a full-proof presentation. He told Senku if they would build five small and one big ship, their mission would become easy. After listening to this, Senku mentioned a Space station named Byakuya. By the end of the chapter, Senku and Xeno agreed to build a two-way rocket. 

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Dr Stone Chapter 218: Release Date

The fans can expect Senku and his friends to go through a lot of adventures in the next chapter of the manga. The journey to building the two-way rocket will begin in Dr Stone Chapter 218 on Sunday, November 14, 2021. It will be available to read online on Viz Media. 

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