June 15, 2024
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Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7: Bravo Returns To Afghanistan, Jason Reunites With Mandy! Know Release Date

Seal Team Season 5

It looks like the Bravo team rejoin the war against terror in Afghanistan in Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7. They will go on a crucial mission in the next episode. Before that, Jason will reunite with Mandy back home. But, he will not be able to get his hands on her in the upcoming episode. Moreover, Sonny will make a major decision for his daughter’s future.


In the previous episode, Jason successfully managed to locate Mandy and dismantle the SGS’s weapon factory. But what will happen next? Continue reading to know all the information about the next episode of Seal Team Season 5.

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7 Precap: What Will Happen Next?


Paramount revealed the official synopsis and promo for the upcoming episode titled “What’s Past Is Prologue.” In the next episode, Bravo will return to Afghanistan. They will continue their battle against the Taliban in Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7. The team will contemplate on America’s decades-long contribution in the fight against the War on Terror.

Meanwhile, Jason and Mandy are about to have a sensual moment before leaving for Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the terrorists imprisoned her in the last episode. However, Jason and the team gave their all to rescue her. Meanwhile, Sonny will consider getting back with his wife in an attempt to give their daughter a better future in the next episode. 

Image: Paramount+

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode of Seal Team Season 5, Jason gave his all to rescue Mandy from the grips of SGS, a deadly terrorist group. But, unfortunately, a Molotov Cocktail shower burned down Bravo’s vehicles. So, the team’s only hope was to track down Boukare’s location. But, Jason was reluctant to track down Mandy. Moreover, Davis managed to locate SGS’s secret weapon manufacturing factory. And when Jason reached there, he found a pile of burnt bodies, including Boukare. 

Moments after, Jason was attacked by a terrorist. Luckily, Mandy came out to his rescue and took down the terrorist. She looked in bad condition, but she managed to survive all these years. However, Mandy revealed that she had been working on a secret mission with an old friend.

Image: Paramount+

The CIA refused to help her in operation, so she decided to pursue it all alone. Thus, she had been undercover for just over a decade. Mandy finally decided to get back to the CIA even when Jason insisted that she go with them. She told him to visit Jason when she returns to the USA at the end of Seal Team Season 5 Episode 6.

Seal Team Season 5 Episode 7: Premiere Date

The seventh episode of Seal Team Season 5 will air on November 14, 2021. Each latest episode airs weekly on Sundays at 3:00 a.m. ET, exclusively on Paramount+. The fifth season will feature 14 episodes in total. So, don’t forget to stream the newest episode and keep coming back for more thrilling updates.

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