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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Heeters To Use Dragon Balls! Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Some very unexpected events will take place in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78. In the previous chapter, Granolah finally learned the truth and everyone came to know that Goku’s father was the one who saved Granolah. Now, Heeters will finally arrive on the Planet Cereal in order to take advantage of the warriors’ weakened state. Not only that, but he will also use the Dragon Balls to make a wish.


The story takes an interesting turn as all of a sudden, Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah find a new common enemy. They already stopped fighting, and now they will team up to fight the Heeters. So, what will happen when Granolah comes face to face with the killer of his mother? When will the new chapter come out? Here are all the latest details.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78
Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Plot Details

The rough storyboards for the upcoming chapter of DBS recently surfaced online, and it reveals that Maki will get to know that Grnolah has stopped fighting with the Saiyans. The leader of the Heeters Elec will send Maki and Gas to kill all three of them. Gas thinks they can handle things now, but Elec thinks that a wish from Dragon Balls is the only sure-shot way to obtain their goal.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will feature Granolah getting upset that he has been working along with the killers of his mothers all along. Vegeta will ask Monaito whether Bardock defeated Gas or not. Monaito will reply by saying that he did. Despite being a low-class warrior, Bardock was really strong. All of a sudden, the sky will go dark, and the wish-granting Dragon will appear. The Dragon will ask about the wish of Elec, and the latter will be astonished after seeing the mighty being.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the most recent chapter of DBS, Granolah got to know that how he survived the attack from the Saiyans. Monaito revealed that a ship full of Saiyans arrived on the planet and began to slaughter everyone. Frieza ordered them to slay every single person on this planet. Some Cerelians did fight back and managed to undo the ape form of their opponents. However, it was of no use as the Saiyans beat them in their human form as well. 

The 77th chapter featured Granolah’s mother, Muzeli protecting him from Bardock. When the latter saw her, he got a flashback of the time when he named his son Kakarot. Monaito also told them that Bardock was the one who protected Granolah and his mother. However, the Heeters arrived on the planet too, and they spotted them. One among them killed Mezuli before fighting Bardock. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78
Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Release Date

The fans are very excited to read the next chapter, especially after seeing its rough storyboards. They are curious to know what Elec will wish after summoning the Dragon. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will release on Saturday, November 20, 2021, in V-Jump’s magazine and Viz Media.

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