May 30, 2024
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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6: Will Johnny Depp Return For The Next Part? Know Release Date And Latest Updates!

Pirates Of The Carribean

Disney is taking the Pirates franchise to a fresh start with Pirates of The Caribbean 6. Some major changes are slated for the upcoming movie, including introducing new characters and a different storyline from its predecessors. The Pirates film series has been one of the greatest successes for Disney, with each installment grossing more recognition.


The franchise is developing two reboot versions of the sixth installment, which will revolve around new characters. Moreover, the biggest question mark is about the return of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. A trailer for the sixth installment also got out in July 2021. So keep reading ahead to know all the essential details of the next part.

Will Johnny Deep Return For Pirates Of The Caribbean Season 6?

It seems highly unlikely that Johnny Depp will be returning as Jack Sparrow in the sixth part. Disney blocked Depp’s return to the franchise. Thus, it is doubtful that Jack Sparrow will feature in the following parts. Johnny Depp has been the heart of the franchise ever since the beginning.

Therefore, it seems a mammoth task to seel out a Pirates movie without Johnny Depp in it. However, following the accusation of domestic violence by Johnny’s ex-wife Amber Heard, Disney expelled him from the Caribbean franchise. It will be excruciating to watch Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 with the presence of Jack.

Image: Disney

Kevin McNally Defends Johnny Depp After His Exist!

Kevin McNally came out to support Johnny Depp after Disney banned him from the Caribbean franchise. Since the first movie, Kevin McNally has played the role of Jack Sparrow’s acquaintance, Mr. Gibbs. He said that Johnny is a beautiful human, and Kevin has never seen a dark side of him on the sets. However, Kevin feels that the Pirates franchise cannot exist without Jack Sparrow. Therefore, he was not in favor of a reboot and suggested reviving Jack’s character through different stories. 

Moreover, fans also launched a petition titled “We want Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow!” on The fans urged Disney to remove the ban on Depp, as they were eager to see Jack Sparrow return for Pirates Of The Caribbean 6. However, Disney has not responded to the fan’s requests and is unlikely to consider it. 

Image: Disney

What Will Happen In the Sixth Installment?

The first reboot of Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 will focus on new characters, while the second reboot is set to bring a new beginning to the franchise. In the trailer, Will Turner has a frightening nightmare from his past. He is taken aback by the idea of Davy Jones from his past returning to destroy everything that he has built. Although we see a glimpse of Jack Sparrow in the trailer, it’s still unsure if the character will be reprised in the upcoming movie. 

The script has been prepared, and the production for the sixth part is currently underway. The franchise will be bringing some new faces to change the movie’s setup following the controversial exit of Johnny Deep.

Image: Disney

Who Will Return?

As per Jerry Bruckheimer, the franchise is welcoming the actors to return. Actors Kaya Scodelario, Bill Nighy, and Lee Arenberg will be returning to Pirates Of The Caribbean 6. Moreover, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom have also shown their interest in return. Moreover, the second reboot is going to focus on telling the tale of a female lead, which Margot Robbie will be featuring. In addition, some prominent characters will also be reprising their roles for the sixth installment.

What Will The Second Reboot Be About?

In June 2020, Disney mentioned the possibility of a spin-off movie with a female lead. Christina Hodson is writing the screenplay, and Margot Robbie is slated to star in the film. The spin-off is supposed to bring a new beginning to the famous franchise movie series.  

Pirates of The Caribbean 6
Image: Disney

Pirates Of Caribbean 6: Release Date

The sixth installment is currently under production. And, the recruitment of the cast members is also under process. So, it looks like a look wait for the fans to watch their favorite movie series. But we can expect Pirates Of The Caribbean to premiere in 2023. Disney is yet to confirm the release date of part 6. However, it will be disappointing to watch a Pirates movie without Johnny Depp. So stay tuned for more informative news about your preferred TV shows. 

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