April 24, 2024
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Prison Break Season 6: Will The Series Return For Another Season? Know Possibilities & Recent Updates

Prison Break Season 6

The possibility of Fox’s crime drama’s return for Prison Break Season 6 still leaves the fans excited and nervous. Unfortunately, however, the controversial circumstances between stars and the creators have put a long halt on the show’s future. The fifth season’s finale aired in May 2017. After that, the series was renewed for the sixth installment in January 2018.


However, following a huge fallout between the show’s lead actor Wentworth Miller and the creators resulted in the cancellation of the series. Several other stars also came to support Miller’s decision following the incident that became massive news on social media. So, keep reading further to know all the vents and if the series will return for another season.

Image: Fox

Prison Break Season 6: Will The Series Return?

The crime drama series was renewed for season 6 in 2018. The entertainment president Michael Thorn revealed that the next installment was in the early stages of development. Creator Paul Scheuring also said that the script for the premiere episode of Prison Break Season 6 was completed. A few days later, the network confirmed the return of Amaury Nolasco and William Fichtner. Dominic Purcell shared that the production for Prison Break season 6 had begun.

However, the plans took a turn for the worst in 2019. In August 2019, Fox’s CEO Charlie Collier said that the network has no current plans for Prison Break. Prison Break’s writer room took to Twitter to share that the sixth season is not on the cards for the near future. However, they left a hopeful message saying that “Nothing Is Ever Over.”

Thus, fans can be hopeful that the series will return for the next installment in the future. However, it might be a while before things fall back in place for the network, the creators, and the show’s stars. However, Fox has now announced the official cancelation of the series. Thus, we have a glimmer of hope to hold onto.

What Lead To The Cancelation?

The audience did not receive the previous season quite well. Some fans believed that season 5 was more of a stretch out than depicting a strong story. Moreover, a fallout between the show’s creators and the lead actor Wentworth Miller was also rumored on social media. Following the incident, Wentworth declared that he would not be interested in playing Micheal Scofield anymore.

He took a send about being a Queer and was reluctant to play a straight character. Co-star Dominic Purcell also took social media to support Wentworth. He said that he would not be returning for Prison Break Season 6 as well. Wentworth shared the news on social media and said that “Micheal’s story had been told.” So he would not return to play the character.

Moreover, he addressed the fans who would be disappointed by the news. He opened up about being gay and would not be interested in playing a straight character on screen. The whole incident was disheartening for the dedicated fans of the series. However, some of them felt that the cancelation is for the best. Although, the series can surely return without its lead actors with a slightly different plot in the future. 

What Could’ve Been The Plot For The Next Season?

The previous season ended with Micheal being released from prison. He was granted total immunity for all the crimes he committed under CIA agent Poseedon’s leadership. However, his freedom was not much Micheal was pleased with. He was in prison for so long that he had no idea if he was really free. 

If the series returns, Micheal could take up the job offered by the CIA’s director, which would help them use his skills to deal with crimes. But, after his return, Scofield would find it hard to settle down with his constant paranoia that things could go south at any time. However, it seems impossible to imagine the series without Miller, the original lead. If the network convinces Miller to return, we can expect to see an exciting plotline that was previously lined up. 

Image: Fox

Currently, the network has no plans for reviving the series. However, if the show returns, we will see some major changes in the storyline. Luckily, Fox has not canceled the series yet. So, we can stay hopeful about the series to return for Prison Break Season 6 in the future. Although, it would be unfair to put a pin on an expected return date for now. So stay tuned for more informative news.

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