Northern Rescue Season 2

Northern Rescue Season 2: Might Answer The Following Theories- Renewed Or Canceled? Know Everything!

It has almost been two and a half years when Northern Rescue landed on Netflix and CBC. And since then, fans are keen to know the future of Northern Rescue Season 2. Unfortunately, it seems Netflix and CBC are testing fans’ patience. Well, the first season finale left plenty of loose ends to explore in the next season. However, when the streamer announces the fate of the second run remains a mystery. Till then, let’s explore what will happen next if the series returns for the second run.

Created by David Cormican, Mark Bacci, and Dwayne Hill, the series follows John West‘s struggle to navigate his life after his wife’s death. Shortly after the incident, the search and rescue commander relocated to Boston with his three children to live with his sister-in-law. So that West and his three children can overcome their losses both mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, despite the series gaining favorable ratings, its fate remains in limbo.

Northern Rescue Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

While the series fans have been eagerly waiting to learn any news regarding the second run, Netflix decided to stay mum. If we recall, last year, Netflix scrapped off several series as the COVID-pandemic made things miserable to continue with. However, it depends on project-to-project. But, Cinemablend teased that perhaps Northern Rescue is on Netflix’s cancelation list. But, Netflix has yet to announce its fate. Thus it’s pretty hard to guess the future of the show.

William Baldwin Has High Hopes With Northern Rescue Season 2

Meanwhile, the series star William Baldwin told Esme Mazzao, a TV journalist, that the series is yet to renew. While William seems optimistic about the next run, he posted that his Google Assistant @maysoonzayid and @johnlegend confirmed that season 2 is likely to happen. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. But it depends when Billy Baldwin confirms it. But his following status teetered everything as he cited, “Not that I know of…no.”

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Norther Rescue Season 2: What Will Happen If It Returns?

Is Charlie Safe?

Alex and Charlie were married before the West family relocated to Turtle Island Bay in Canada. However, the couple separated after her miscarriage. Thus she decided to file a divorce as things didn’t seem to settle between them. However, without much hustle, Alex won her back. But when things became normal between them, Alex discovered that Charlie had commented some financial fraud. So how will he deal with it will be interesting to see. Further, there’s a slight possibility that this information might affect their relationship in Northern Rescue Season 2.

Henry Might Find A Way To Approach Maddie

Well, anyone can see the love for Maddie in Henry’s eyes. He pines for her throughout the show, while Maddie seems to have no idea about it. However, when asked about her quiet moment of the show, Maysoon Zayid tweeted that she likes how Henry looks at Maddie. Though it remains unclear how things will proceed in their life, it’s safe to say that Henry seems to be a better friend for Maddie than Gwen.

Will Scout And Gwen End Up Together In The Future?

Scout badly wants to be with Gwen when he returns to Boston to meet her. Scout even beat up the guy with whom Gwen was hooking up. However, it seems Scout has to find a way to tell his feelings to her in a pleasing way. But many fans wanted to see more of Scout and Gwen in the next season. Perhaps Maddie might help her brother to stay with Gwen. But it remains a mystery how they will end up.

What About John Now?

While Sarah died at the show’s very beginning, she still appears as a flashback, and in John’s memories. And fans just love to see them together. Well, their relationship is quite similar to the most favorite couple of This Is Us- Jack and Rebecca. So it will be thrilling to see what next is aligned for the couple. The couple appeared genuine and cute when Taylor threw John’s wedding anniversary party, which was quite bittersweet for him. So, perhaps they would explore more such stories in Northern Rescue Season 2.


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