May 20, 2024
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Solar Opposites Season 3: When Will It Release? Justin Roiland Spills Details On Upcoming Season

Solar Opposites Season 3

Solar Opposites’ hit season 2 arrived on Hulu in March 2021. And since then, fans have been looking forward to more adventures of our favorite alien family in Solar opposites Season 3. But is it renewed? When will it release? Let us dig in the details-


‘Solar Opposites’ is an animated adult comedy-drama series created by ‘Rick and Morty’ fame Justin Roiland, with Mike McMahan for Hulu. It revolves around an extraterrestrial family called the Solars, who crashes on Earth after escaping the devastation of their planet Shlorp. The show chronicles the family’s new life in Suburban America.

It features the family’s constant indecisiveness about whether they enjoy life on Earth or not. Meanwhile, another plotline in the show explores human society shriveled by the replicant Yumyulack and detained in a terrarium known as “The Wall.”

Solar opposite season 4

Solar Opposites first premiered on Hulu in 2020 and became a significant success for the platform. The show garnered critical acclaim for its excellent storytelling, even pace, and an alternate take on the classic Superman premise. And among the fans, Solar opposite became highly popular because of its dark humor. The portrayal of human society in the show has been one of its highlights. And after two hilarious and intriguing seasons, the hype for Solar Opposites Season 3 is very high. 

When Will Solar Opposites Season 3 Premiere?

All the eight episodes of the second season of the animated comedy-drama arrived on Hulu in March 2021. However, in June 2020, months before the second season’s release, the streaming service renewed the series for a third and fourth season. Not just that, the third season is reported to be bigger than the past two seasons, having 12 episodes. In addition, showrunners, Roiland and McMahan confirmed that the upcoming season will feature a Christmas special episode.  

Solar Opposites Season 3

As of now, the official release date for Solar Opposites Season 3 is not yet revealed by the creators. But there are reports that the third season is already in production. Solar Opposites has released both of its previous seasons around the spring period. Thus, we can expect Solar opposite Season 3 to release around February or March 2022.

What Will Happen In The Next Season?

In the second season of Solar Opposites, fans saw The Solar family having thrilling adventures and experiences on Earth. Their stay on Earth was filled with dinner functions, community gatherings, and summer camp. Fans also saw Korvo and Terry traveling through time. The family was resurrected as trees and smack-talked their neighbors, which seemed to tie everything up nicely. And the season left us wondering what the next season might bring.

So, Solar Opposites Season 3 will likely delve deeper into the narrative of the Wall. The viewers might see Pupa going through a transformation as well, as it does in each season. The creators have also hinted to explore more Pupa’s complex connection with the Solars. So that fans might learn more about it. Also, other aliens on a similar mission to the Solars may be introduced in the third season. And it will likely be weirder and more unusual than the previous two seasons.

Showrunner, Roiland, while talking about Solar Opposites Season 3, said, “There’s some stuff in Season 3 that’s really f***ing insane. So, viewers can only wait for the next season to release at the earliest.

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