April 22, 2024
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Hellbound Season 2: Topped The Netflix’s Top Ten Chart, Hinting At Early Renewal! Ending Explained

Hellbound Season 2

It has merely been a couple of days when the first season of Hellbound landed on Netflix. And fans are already clamoring for Hellbound Season 2. Well, no doubt, the engaging K-drama captured many fans’ attention with its exceptional storyline delving deeper into the supernatural world. Based on Choi Kyu-sok and Yeon Sang-ho’s webtoon of the same name, the series follows the alternate version of Earth. But out of nowhere, some supernatural creatures appeared to condemn humans to hell.


It later created panic amongst the humans. But the chaos escalated when in the end, Bae Young-Jae learned that the infants are bound for hell. The first three episodes focused on a young detective Jeong Jin-soo, who is trying to investigate the events happening around them. On the other hand, the cult leader Jeong Jin-soo struggles to keep her group afloat. However, the latter episodes occur five years later when things turn more chaotic in humans’ lives. With such a remarkable response from the fans, let’s see what Netflix has to say for Hellbound Season 2.

Hellbound Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, not yet! The first season was recently aired on Netflix on November 19, 2021. Thus it’s pretty early to say anything about the future of the show. However, Hellbound’s fans will be surprised to know that Hellbound broke The Tiger King, The Queen Of Flow, and League Of Legends videogame record.

Surprised! As per Netflix’s Top Ten TV List, the series has topped Netflix’s new weekly chart. While League Of Legends videogame was watched for over 38.4M hours within November 15-21, Netflix’s new K-drama Hellbound outgunned it. As for Hellbound, it was watched over 43.5M hours during the same period.

Well, the week came out most rewarding for the foreign language series on the streaming giant. As Colombia telenovela, The Queen Of Flow Season 2 watched for 38.6M hours beating The Tiger King Season, watched for over 30M hours. However, K-drama Hellbound beat them all as it topped the streamer chart just the following day of its release.

Is Season 2 On Cards?

Despite the series breaking the records with its fantastic storyline and performance, Netflix is yet to announce the future of the series. Well, as we mentioned above, it’s pretty early to guess whether or not the streamer will return with Hellbound Season 2. On the flip side, the first season gained a 100% positive response on Rotten Tomatoes. It also ranked first on Netflix’s Top Ten chart. So, deeming the performance, we can expect that Netflix will renew the series shortly.

Hellbound Season 2: Finale Left Many Questions To Answer

Was God Punishing The Sinners?

The first season saw several unexpected events that left many of the viewers awestruck. However, it remains unclear what happens to those who were burned by the demons. As per The Truth Society, God was punishing the sinners through these ways. However, there’s no concrete evidence about what happened with those people. Neither there’s any evidence that proves The Truth Society’s claim is genuine.

Why Did Park Jungja Return To Life?

Park’s death was the first time when people witnessed someone’s death in a live broadcast. However, it raised many questions when she returned to life. Even the way she demonstrated her experience during the process might give The Truth Society leverage. Further, her reappearance let the fans speculate that perhaps Chairman Jeong Jin-soo could also return in the second run.

How Did Bae Young-Jae And Song So-Hyun’s Baby Survived?

Well, it was pretty shocking for most of the fans. While the demons were targeting and dragging the newborn to Hell, Bae and Song’s baby Toughie survived this decree. It seems humans can defeat the demons as Bae and Song sacrifice themselves to protect their kid. So perhaps demons can be stopped through scarification. However, life for life might affect humanity in the upcoming season.

Will Kyung-Hun, Chairman Jeong Jin-Soo, And Deacon Yuji Return?

Park’s return raised many questions. Many believe that Kyung-Hun, the cult leader Chairman Jeong Jin-Soo, and Deacon Yuji could also return if they go through the same execution process. While the series will explore the detective’s decree, the second run might focus on Deacon’s journey in prison. However, nothing is clear to date. But fans can expect to see more of the familiar faces in Hellbound Season 2 if it returns.

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