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Selling Sunset Season 5: Christine And Jason In Relationship! Spin-Off Featuring Tarek & Heather’s Wedding

Image: Netflix

The fourth installment of Netflix’s real-estate reality series has just premiered, and the fans are already looking forward to Selling Sunset Season 5. The fourth season comprised ten episodes, concluding with an epic face-off between Christine Quinn and Mary Fitzgerald. Thus, fans are curious to know what will the fifth season be about and when it will return. 

Luckily, the dedicated viewers will not have to wait too long before the next installment hits Netflix. The series follows the real estate agents of the Oppenheim group depicting their personal and professional lives and challenges in the series. So, what’s the status of Selling Sunset Season 5? Continue reading ahead to find out!

Image: Netflix

Renewal And Production Status?

The fourth and fifth installments of Selling Sunset were renewed by Netflix in March 2021. Not just that, the production for the two seasons was completed back to back. The filming began in May 2021. Then, Mary Fitzgerald shared a crew picture on Instagram sharing the news with the fans. T

Thus, fans will not have to wait longer for the next installment compared to the year-long breaks between previous seasons. The fourth installment premiered on Netflix on November 24, 2021. Also, it is confirmed that the filming of Selling Sunset Season 5 is already wrapped. 

Selling Sunset Season 5: What Will Happen Next?

Netflix has teased a new budding relationship between Jason and Christine. The couple came out publically about their relationship in July 2021. And they will share the news with the rest of the crew during a holiday in Greece. Their new relationship will surprise everyone in the group, with shocking reactions from Heather and Amanza. 

Season 5 will also focus on the fallout between Mary and Christine. The girls had to choose a side following the incident. However, Christine has had such brush-offs in the past with other girls too. Thus, the girls are supporting Mary and ghosting Christine. And it looks like they will continue to avoid Christine in the next season. Moreover, Maya Vander announced her pregnancy in the fourth installment. Thus, we might witness the arrival of her newborn in the upcoming season.


Unfortunately, a major event will be missing from the series. Heather Young married Tarek El Moussa in October. The reality show’s couple’s wedding was staged in Paradise Springs Winery, Santa Barbara. However, the wedding ceremony will not be a part of the fifth season as Discover+ plus has picked it as a special program, “Tarek and Heather: The Big I Do”.

Selling Sunset’s Spin-off Coming In December

The reality show’s spin-off, Selling Tampa, will be coming on Netflix before Selling Sunset Season 5. The show will release on the streaming network on December 15. Selling Tampa will be based in Florida, focusing on an all-female, all-Black real estate company named Allure Realty. Moreover, the company will be run by military veteran Sharelle Rosado. And all the members will compete against one another to become the company’s best asset in the spin-off series. 

Image: Netflix

Who Will Return For Selling Sunset Season 5?

All the renowned cast members of Selling Sunset will return for season 5. The lead cast members, including Christine Quinn, Mart Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young, Romain Bonnet, and Amanza Smith, will return. In addition, the previous season’s debutant, Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan, will also feature. Oppenheim’s co-founders Jason and Brett will also be seen. However, we can expect to see less of Jason in Selling Sunset Season 5 as he plans to focus on a new branch in Orange city.

Selling Sunset Season 5: When Will It Air?

The great news is that the fifth season’s production has already concluded. Thus, we can expect Netflix to drop a trailer at the end of the year. Moreover, the streaming giant is expected to premiere the fifth season in early 2022. However, Netflix is yet to announce an official release date. So stay tuned for more informative news about your favorite TV shows.

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