June 13, 2024
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Grand Army Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Expected Plotline And Recent Updates!

Grand Army Season 2

Netflix’s Original teen drama series Grand Army has connected with the fans on a deeper level, leaving them wondering if the show would return for Grand Army Season 2. The streaming network dropped the first season in October 2020. The series also made it to the Top 10 most-watched TV shows in America. However, some controversies related to the show’s creator Katie Cappiello have made it tougher for Netflix to go ahead with a second installment.


The coming-of-age drama is inspired by Katie’s 2006 project Slut: The Play. Grand Army focuses on multiple topics like racism, homosexuality, sexual abuse, terrorism, bullying, and other undermined societal issues that remain from being talked about openly. The show follows five students studying at Brookly’s biggest public school and the situations that each of these characters faces relate to these taboo issues.

Image: Netflix

The main characters in Grand Army are Joey Del Marco, Dom Pierre, Sid Pakam, Jayson Jackson, and Leila Kwan Zimmer at the Grand Army School. So what is Netflix’s verdict on Grand Army Season 2? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Is Grand Army Season 2 Renewed By Netflix?

Netflix has not confirmed the series for Grand Army Season 2. Instead, the streaming giant decided to cancel the series in June 2021. The decisions came following a controversy involving the show’s creator Katie Cappiello. She was accused by the show’s writers, including Ming Peiffer and the other two creatives of color. Ming took to Twitter, revealing she and other writers quit the series following racist exploitation and abuse by the show’s creator Katie. The tweet came on the day of the teaser release of Grand Army Season 1. 

Moreover, the series has not been able to fulfill Netflix’s viewership expectations. Thus, not being able to see a profitable future, the series has been canceled. Although, it is still available on Netflix. Therefore, if the series somehow gets famous overnight and viewership starts to rise, we can expect to series’ return for Grand Army Season 2 in the future.

Image: Netflix

What Could Have Happened In Grand Army Season 2?

The first season concluded with several nervous questioned unanswered. Thus, the plotline was beautifully set for the second season. But, unfortunately, a disappointing turn of events has forced Netflix to cancel the series.

The previous season focused on Joey getting raped by his best friends, Luke and George. Tim was the only one who witnessed the incident. But, unfortunately, he chose to transfer schools instead of bringing Joey to justice. Thus, if Grand Army Season 2 returns, Tim’s struggle with the truth and his journey to get Luke and George apprehended could portray in the plotline.

Image: Netflix

Meanwhile, Owen missed the opportunity of performing a saxophone solo at the Lincoln center after being involved in a prank. Jayson replaced him for the event. However, he chose to stand with Owen by taping his mouth and raising his fist into a black power salute. In season 2, Jayson could face the dire consequences of his action. Moreover, more people could come in Owen’s support after Jayson’s gesture. Thus, the whole incident could start a whole new movement against racism.

Leila & Dominique’s Career At Stake While Sid’s Sexuality Could be In Focus

Moreover, Leila was also a part of fake bombing threats. She cheated on Omar with George. Also, she hypocritically took a stand for Joey but turned out to be a racist in the end. News about her involvement in the bombing incident could get her expelled in Grand Army Season 2. Also, the second installment would deal with Dominque losing her summer internship at Sisters Thrive after being caught cheating on her history exam.

Image: Netflix

Meanwhile, Sid’s sexuality could be an important issue that could explore in the next season. Towards the end of the first season, his sister’s ex-boyfriend ratted Sid about being gay. Moreover, Sid’s romance with Victor could become a focal point in the next installment.

What Are The Chances Of The Series’ Return?

Netflix has unfortunately canceled the series. Thus, it is highly unlikely that the series will return for Grand Army Season 2. However, if any other streaming platform picks up the show, the second season could be possible. So, stay tuned for more updates about your preferred TV shows.

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