May 30, 2024
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Sweet Home Season 2: Renewed? Casting Done, In Production! Know Release Date

Sweet Home Season 2

The first season of Sweet Home was a blockbuster hit on Netflix. Yet the streaming giant chose to stay mum on the whereabouts of Sweet Home Season 2. Shortly within a month of the premiere on the streaming giant, the series topped the Netflix chart. It was one of the most successful shows on Netflix in 2020. However, nothing has been known to date about the second run. Nonetheless, there’s a rumor that Sweet Home Season 2 is happening. Let’s see what Netflix has to say about it.


Based on Naver webtoon, the series takes place in an apocalyptic world. After an unexpected tragedy, Cha Hyun-soo decided to leave his home. However, unbeknownst, that the apartment where he moved in will become a hotspot of the zombies. Soon after this, the zombies started attacking humans to kill humanity. However, to survive, they need to find a safe place as quickly as possible, and for which they need to move out of the building, which appeared the safest place for them until zombies infiltrated.

Sweet Home Season 2: Has It Renewed Yet?

It’s almost been a year when the first season of Sweet Home landed on Netflix. However, the streaming giant hasn’t disclosed the fate of the series yet. But, in July, a source claimed that Song Kang, Lee Si Young, and Lee Jin Wook might return for the sophomore run. But Netflix scrapped off the rumor, stating that nothing has been confirmed to date. After Netflix’s words, another buzz surfaced that the streaming platform has secretly renewed Sweet Home for season 2. Shortly after this, news came out that Netflix had already finalized the casting for Sweet Home Season 2.

But it appears more of the rumors than a legitimate post. Shortly Netflix has dished off most of the rumors. Yet it remains unclear when Sweet Home Season 2 could return. Well, the first season entered Netflix Top 10 in the United States, and within a week, it reached the third spot. Further, the Kdrama was one of the most-watched shows in 42 regions. But, it still remained unclear as to what is keeping Netflix to announce its decision.

Series Received Several Awards

Asia Contents Awards were held on October 7. And there, the series has won three awards. Go Min-si took the Best Female Newcomer award home while Song Kang won ACA Excellence Award. The series has also received Technical Achievement Award. And despite the massive success, Netflix hasn’t decided the future of the series. However, it hasn’t canceled the show either. So there’s still hope that Netflix will return with Sweet Home Season 2 probably next year.

Sweet Home Season 2: Production To Likely Begin!

While the shows’ fate remains up in the air, Soompi came up on October 6 that JTBC has some exclusive information. As per the network, the creative team has a plan to start production this fall. While many fans speculated that whether or not Song Kang will return to reprise the lead character, Cha, the network has disappointing news for them. As per the source, the only stars who returned to start the production are Park Gyu-young and Lee Si-young.

Well, Lee played a former firefighter, Seo Yi-Kyung whose fiancé might have some connection with the apocalypse. However, the network didn’t reveal whether or not Song will return. But deeming the finale, it seems that fans can least expect his return. Moving on! The network further teased that season 2 might introduce a whole different cast. Although Netflix hasn’t broken the silence, and the fate of the series remains in limbo.

Sweet Home Season 2: What Will Happen If It Returns?

At the end of the first season, Cha met Sang-Wook only to grasp that Ui-Myeong took Sang-Wook form. However, a fan theorizes that perhaps season 2 will explore the liquid version of the special infectee who took Sang-Wook’s form. Well, they have a natural healing power that seemed to heal his facial scar as well, and now he’s taking Cha with him.

Well, it could be the reason why Song was missing from the cast reunion. Perhaps Sang-Wook took Cha with him to teach him how to master this special power. Further, if we pay close attention to this Sang-Wook look, one eye is slightly smaller, so it could probably distinguish between the original and infectee Sang-Wook in season 2.

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