The 100 Season 8

The 100 Season 8: Is It Happening? Boss Hints Possible Spinoff In Works! Know Release Date

While The 100 Season 7 served as the final season of the post-apocalypse series, there’s a buzz around the internet that Netflix might return with The 100 Season 8. Will it? Well, whatever will be the case, we have delightful news for the series fans. While season 8 still remains the mystery, the franchise has a bright future ahead. Recently the creator teased their plans to extend The 100 franchise.

Based on Kass Morgan’s books of the same name, the series follows the post-apocalyptic world. Instead of sticking to the trial and tested young adult drama series, The 100 explored proper science fiction following twists and turns in every nook. The series opens up with some characters stuck in a bunker, others in space as the nuclear wave ruined the planet. Thus considering how things started at the beginning of the show, things became terrifying by the end. It explores multiple storylines and numerous unseen worlds that came together in the finale. Now let’s see whether or not the show will return for season 8.

The 100 Season 8: Will It Ever Happen?

Back in 2019, the network announced that The 100 Season 7 would mark the end of this epic journey. Thus the series ended with 100 episodes. However, unlike other series, which gets a brief renewal for its final run, The 100 ended with season 7. As of now, there’s no proper confirmation that season 8 may happen. However, deeming that how the series gets revived to continue their journey, there’s a slight chance that season 8 could happen. As the series has been the signature series of the network.

The Creator Didn’t Want To Explore More

While there has been plenty of rumors that The 100 Season 8 could happen in the near future, the showrunner Jason Rothenberg discussed their further plans. As per Jason, they didn’t want to explore any further in The 100. Season 7 marked the end of this epic journey, and now they are planning to explore some new projects. Further, the closing moment of the seventh run has precisely wrapped the series after exploring some past events before the apocalypse.

The CW President Cleared The Air

At the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour, The CW president Mark Pedowitz stated that they talked about continuing the show with Jason. However, despite having plenty of discussions, Jason stayed firm on his decision. Further, Mark cited that Jason has some other plans for the franchise. Thus he believes that ending the show with seven seasons is the excellent decision which he ever made.

The 100 Season 8: What’s Next For The Franchise?

While Jason’s decision to end the series with a seventh run disappointed the fans, we have surprising news for you. If you recall, the seventh season finale explored the world before the apocalypse happened. Speaking of which, Jason told TVLine that the series seems more restricted than our reality. As they have lived in this complex world. However, Jason confirmed that they longed to explore pre-apocalypse time where the cast won’t be in the middle of woods.

In fact, most of the shootings will take place in bars, restaurants, and homes. As the creators are planning to explore a prequel spinoff. As TVLine reported, the prequel series would take place only two years after the apocalypse. Further, as per the reports, Shepherd Bill’s daughter Callie will play the lead in this series. However, the prequel series is yet to map. Although The CW hasn’t renewed the prequel series. Yet, Jason confirmed that The 100’s prequel series will be titled “The 100: Second Dawn.”

Will CW Ever Return With The 100’s Prequel?

While there has been constant discussion about expanding the franchise, CW has yet to give the green light to the show. Amidst the COVID-pandemic, the network has brought several new shows. Such as Supernatural and Supergirl, which are currently on their end. Thus there’s no doubt that the network is taking its time to take the right decision. Now that Jason confirmed that The 100 wrapped up with the seventh season. Thus there’s no possibility left that season 8 would ever return.

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