The Great Season 3: Show-Runners Excited To Return, Set To Feature A Looming Civil War!

With the premiere of the second season of The Great, some new speculations have been coming up on the internet. Will There be The Great Season 3? And after the cliffhanger ending of the second season, fans are more desperately looking forward to The Great Season 3.

Hulu’s The Great is a comedy-drama series that first premiered in 2020. The show is a historical fiction comedy-drama series based on the last ruling empress of Russia, Catherine the Great. The Great is a fictionalized version of the historical events, revolving around the life of empress Catherine and her failing marriage to Peter III. Created by Tony McNamara, the show features a tone of subtle and dark humor. 

The show has managed to receive positive reviews from viewers for its first two seasons. Critics even praised The Great for the lighthearted mood of the narrative and gripping storyline. In addition, the shows’ cast, including actors like Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, have put forward brilliant performances.

What Could Happen In The Great Season 3?

In The Great Season 2, things got heated up between Catherine and her husband, Peter. After he found out that Catherine knows about how Joanna died, he thinks Catherine wants to kill him. Meanwhile, Catherine appeared to be calm about the fact that her husband slept with her mother, causing her death. However, fans know that she is far from okay with it. As people expect the royal couple’s argument to escalate at Maria and Maxim’s wedding, weapons are drawn.

The Great Season 2
Image: Hulu

However, the situation took a surprising turn when Catherine and Peter both were unex[ectedly relaxed. Catherine went to Peter’s room later that night and ran a knife in his back multiple times. But, later on, she broke and regretted killing her husband. But we saw that Peter was already aware of her intentions and put his double in his place.

So The Great Season 3 will likely pick up after the ending of the second season. Obviously, the situation created by Joanna’s death will affect the relationship between Catherine and Peter. But aside from all the drama in the royal palace, a civil war is approaching in the next season. 

The Great Season 3: Release Date

All the ten episodes of the second season of The Great premiered on Hulu on November 19, 2021. And fans, who have binged through seasons one and two are eager to find out whether there will be The Great Season 3 or not. However, the streaming platform Hulu has not made any official announcement regarding the third season.

Although looking at fans’ response towards the series, the possibility of a future season is pretty bright. In addition, the makers have also hinted at the likeliness of the third season. Marian Macgowan, the show’s executive producer said that they have initially pitched six seasons. So they believe that there’s sufficient material to take the fans through until Catherine is an old woman.

The Great Season 3

Moreover, showrunner Tony McNamara told the press in 2021 that he was already working for The Great Season 3. He was also confident about the return of the series for the third season. Tony even stated that they are looking for news elements to include in the storyline. While there is no news of when the third season will begin production, we guess that The Great Season 3 would arrive in late 2022.

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