June 17, 2024
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Resident Alien Season 2: Releasing Sooner Than Fans Expected! Alien Returning To Earth To Drop Off Max

Resident Alien season 2

The first season of the acclaimed Sci-Fi series Resident Alien premiered on Syfy in January 2021. It introduced us to the titular character, and before fans could know, they had already started liking him. And after the first season of the show ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for Resident Alien Season 2. It looks like it is coming sooner than we expected.


Resident Alien is a SciFi drama series created by Chris Sheridan for Syfy. The series is based on the eponymous comic book series by Steve Parkhouse and Peter Hogan. The show revolves around the titular alien who is on a mission to destroy human life on Earth. His shuttle crases in the town of Patience. So, while his stay on Earth, he assumes the identity of a doctor named Harry. However, a nine-year-old boy is able to differentiate the alien from humans. During his time on Earth, the alien learns English and becomes intrigued with human society. The show progress with the inner dilemma that Harry (alien) faces throughout the show. 

Resident Alien has received critical acclaims all around. The show has been praised for its uncanny premise, quirky humor, and captivating narrative. Upon the release of the first season, the show has also gathered a sizeable fanbase with its dark humor. So naturally, viewers are waiting for Resident Evil Season 2. 

Season 2 Release Date Updates

Resident Alien Season 2

The first season of Resident Alien landed in early 2021. And fans have been waiting for Resident Alien Season 2 ever since. Now, we have some good news for these fans. The second season’s premiere is close! Syfy has announced that Resident Alien Season 2 will premiere on January 26, 2022. However, the season will be divided into two parts. And the release date of the second part is still unknown.

What Will Happen In Resident Alien Season 2?

In the first season of Resident Alien, fans learned about Harry’s mission behind coming to Earth. A lightning strike caused his craft to crashland in the small town of Patience. After being separated from the ship, he started living as Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle in the town. Towards the end, the last episode gave a flashback of the original Harry poisoning Sam’s insulin before his alien encounter. However, Alien Harry used the human Harry’s body to test his device, which almost burned his fingers.

Resident Alien Season 2

Meanwhile, federal agents were on the alien’s back. Asta ended her friendship with Harry after finding that he had killed the actual doctor. Although Harry found his ship, he learned that the authorities have detained Asta and Max. Finally, he deserted the Earth and launched his gadget into space. Also, he found out that Max was on his spaceship.

Now, Resident Alien Season 2 might head in several directions. The second season will likely pick up from the dire cliffhanger of the first season. Harry is most likely to return to Earth, as he has to drop off Max. However, upon his return to Earth, he will have to face the consequences of the heinous murder of the doctor. Resident Alien Season 2 would also provide more details about Dr. Harry Vanderspiegle’s true intentions. 

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