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The Boys Season 3: First Look Of Blue Hawk Out! Showrunner Promises ‘Lot More Madness’

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It’s been over a year since the second season of The Boys aired on Amazon Prime. And the creators of The Boys know perfectly well how to keep the viewers hooked in the absence of the next season. Just when we lack things to discuss The Boys Season 3, another episode of “Seven on 7” brought more news for us. So, let’s talk about what the creators have teased the viewers with this time. 

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys is a superhero parody action series that originally premiered on the platform in July 2019. The Boys revolve around the titular group of vigilantes, each with their own motivation. The Boys seek vengeance against a team of superheroes called The Seven. Members of The Seven are not what they display, led by an egocentric megalomaniac Homelander; The Seven has done more harm than good for the people.

The Boys Season 3
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The show’s first two seasons were simply brilliant and won over the audience and critics alike. And now that showrunner Eric Kripke promised ‘A lot more madness in The Boys Season 3, fans are going crazy in the anticipation for the next season.

Blue Hawk’s First Look Out!

The premiere of The Boys Season 3 may have been taking longer than what fans would’ve thought. However, the marketing team for the show does not disappoint us. As a part of the promotion campaign for the third season, a new episode of the monthly news program Seven on 7 has been released on VNN. 

The latest episode of VNN’s Seven on 7 treated the fans with an all-new look for the upcoming superhero Blue Hawk. Blue Hawk, played by Dynasty fame Nick Wechsler, will appear in The Boys Season 3. In the news parody video, the host, Cameron Coleman, proclaimed that Blue Hawk is a “patriotic” Supe. Blue Hawk is Vought’s new spokesperson for the latest line of products titled ‘For Freedom’.

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The viewers saw the first look of Weschler in costume as Blue Hawk. The supe is seen wearing a helmet and some leather jacket and holding a baseball bat in hand. In his new look, Vought’s new Supe is not looking very different than a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang. 

The Boys Season 3: What Does Homelander Have To Say To America?

Blue Hawk’s first look was not the only thing that the latest episode of VNN‘s Seven on 7 gave us. The episode also featured the leader of The Seven, Homelander sharing a message to the fellow citizens of America. 

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In the clip, he can be seen talking about the year’s challenges for everyone. Then, Homelander apologizes to the citizens for these “challenges” and talks about the importance of superheroes in society. Also, he vows to rebuild the people’s trust in Supes. Lastly, the Homelander assures the people of America that he is ‘there for them”. Although we know that nothing coming out of Homelander’s mouth is true. But still, it was fun to see Homelander trying to rebuild the public’s trust in Vought’s Superheros ahead of The Boys Season 3. 

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