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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8: Charlie’s Father Dies As The Two Begin To Bond, Dee Ends Up in A Bog!

It seems like the gang will continue their trip to Ireland in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8. Mac will spend time at a seminary to learn all about the priesthood. And Dee might end up in trouble while Frank and Dennis try to humiliate Charlie’s newfound father. However, the upcoming episodes will also witness that gang taking care of a dead body. So, keep reading to know all the details about the next episodes.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8 Precap: What WIll Happen Next?

The seventh episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 is titled “Dee Gets Stuck In A Bog.” Mac will take guidance from a priest. And he will spend his day at the seminary trying to understand what it means to be a priest. Meanwhile, Frank and Dennis will devise an elaborated trap at the castle to humiliate Charlie’s father, Shelley.

Moreover, Dee will prepare to go on a date with an Irish Doctor but will end up drowning in a bog. In addition, Charlie will learn that his childhood pen pal is his father. Thus, he will spend some quality time with his father. Also, Charlie will make a crucial choice that will change the gang forever in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7.

Next, the eighth episode has been titled “The Gang Carries A Corpse Up A Mountain.” The gang will try to trek a steep mountain for Charlie to fulfill an old and mysterious Irish burial tradition. It seems like Shelley might pass away in the upcoming episode. Thus, Charlie will take up the responsibility of giving his father a proper funeral. While climbing up with a corpse, the gang will bail out one by one. In the end, only Charlie will be left to honor the dead body in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 8.

A Quick Recap-(Ep 5)

The gang took Dee’s money and divided it into equal parts to buy tickets for Ireland in the fifth episode. They also drugged her so she could stay calm during the flight. She found out what the gang did after waking up in a bar. Dee refused to believe them until she walked out of the bar. They were on Dame Street in Ireland when she got hit by a car. Dee discovered that she got a hematoma from the car accident after the gang dropped her at the production set. 

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8
Image: FXX

Meanwhile, Frank took Dee and Dennis to an office he claimed to be his company’s headquarters. However, the company named Frank’s Fluids LLC was actually a tax shelter. Frank revealed that the company supplied beverages to Jeffrey Epstein. He also claimed to have visited Epstein’s Island for snorkeling. Moreover, he forced Dennis and Dee to destroy some implicating documents after adding their names to them. 

The Gang Suspects Dennis Has COVID

Further, Charlie and Mac explored the Irish heritage and debated who was more Irish among them. Charlie claimed that he could read Irish-Gaelic text. He had learned it from his pen pal Shelley Kelley. Mac found out from his mother that he was Dutch and not Irish. Moreover, Dennis tried to flirt with a redhead. However, he bailed on her after realizing she was wearing a wig and tried to take his temperature.

Eventually, Dee got recast as The Waitress. However, she begged the assistant to give her another role. She was given the role of an abused housewife. After leaving, Dee was hit by Dennis’ car while arguing with the gang. Dennis was constantly coughing and refused to take the vaccination. So, the guys believed that he had COVID. Finally, the gang put Dee in the car’s trunk and left the set in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7.

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Episode 8

Dee woke up at an Irish pub named Patty’s Pub. She tried to leave after realizing that she was late for the shoot. However, she was shocked to know that they were in the Irish countryside. Charlie wanted to meet his pen pal Shelley Kelley after finding that he is known as the town’s “cheesemonger.” So, he and Frank visited Shelley, who was much older than Charlie had expected. Shelley revealed that he was not his brother but actually Charlie’s father. It was revealed that Charlie’s illiteracy was due to writing Irish letters to his father. 

Meanwhile, Dennis and Dee saw an estate agency looking for a valuable castle. Dee talked to the realtor as Dennis coughed constantly. The realtor took them to the potential castle, which was ruined and had a history of atrocities. Dee was nervous, but Dennis was happy to buy the property. Moreover, Dee heard Dennis talking to the cast, after which he attacked her with an ax.

On the other hand, Mac had an existential crisis and decided to join the priesthood. He tried to avoid handsome priests as he felt they would distract him. Moreover, Charlie, Shelley, and Frank visited the bar to celebrate. However, the patrons at the bar revealed that they had slept with Charlie’s mother. Shelley took them to his house and offered them to stay. Frank was left alone after Chelie went to sleep in.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8
Image: FXX

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8: Airing Date

FXX will air It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Season 7 & 8 on December 22, 2021. The network airs two new episodes weekly on Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. And every episode of season 15 has 30 minutes of estimated runtime.

Where To Stream The Next Episodes Online?

If you miss the latest episodes on FXX, you can stream them on the network’s official website and Hulu. Moreover, season 15 is also available on Fubo TV, Sling TV, Spectrum, DirecTV, Xfinity, and YouTube TV. So, don’t skip the next episodes and keep coming back for more humoring episode previews.


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