Is Zendaya Gay? Spider-Man Actress’ Sexuality Discussed

Is Zendaya Gay? American actress and singer Zendaya have become one of the most famous stars of Hollywood lately. When a star rises to fame, all the fans are interested in knowing everything about them and their big personal life secret. In this case, Zendaya’s sexuality has been one of the most discussed issues among the fand and the media for years now.

The star has been shot at with questions about her sexuality at various events and interviews. However, she always manages to deal with them calmly, with no revelations about her personal life. However, it is hard to stop the fans from wondering when the gossip gets so interesting. So, what is the real truth about the famous Hollowood actress’ sexuality? Let’s take a look.

Is Zendaya Gay Or Bi-Sexual?

Zendaya became the youngest star to win the primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. She portrayed Rue in Euphoria, an outstanding yet drug-addicted queer girl, in a relationship with a messed-up Jules. Following her outstanding portrayal, fans began to wonder if she was gay. In addition, Zendaya’s on-screen chemistry with Jules fueled up questions about her sexuality in real life. However, Zendaya has always managed to keep her personal life away from reporters and interviews who live by preying on stars’ personal lives. 

However, she has taken a firm stand on women owning their sexuality. As per Zendaya, women must feel empowered by their sexuality as long as the focus does not shift on male-gazing or female sexualization. Thus, despite all the rumors and discussions, Zendaya’s sexuality remains a big mystery for everyone.

Dating Rumors With Tom Holland And Jacob Elordi

Lately, rumors started flaring that Zendaya is dating her Spiderman co-star Tom holland for some time. The media also reported that the two had been vacationing together. Although Tom and Zendaya had been pictured numerous times together, both of them have shot the speculations hard.

In 2017, Zendaya shared a link on Twitter about the media talking about her vacationing with Tom. She replied that the rumor was her favorite as she had not been on any vacation for a long time. Later, Tom also chipped in on the matter in 2019. In the Elle interview, he confirmed that he and Zendaya were not dating. However, the speculations came up again when the two were spotted hanging out with each other quite often. Fans suspected that there was much more going on between the two co-stars.

Another rumor about Zendaya dating Jacob Elordi surfaced after a fan shared a pic on Instagram, with them in the background. The duo was just hanging out, but the picture made the fans wonder if something is going on between them. However, it turned out to be another one of Zendaya’s platonic friendships with her co-star.

Zendaya’s Dating History

While talking to Vogue in 2017, Zendeya confirmed to have secretly dated a guy for four years. She remarked it as her first love, but the relationship did not end positively for her. Fans suspected that the mystery guy she dated was Trevor Jackson. Zendaya was quite close to him, and the two were seen together on the red carpet several times. However, in 2018, Zendaya unfollowed Trevor on Instagram and Twitter both. Thus, Trevor could have been her first love. 

This clears out that Zendaya has dated men in the past. It also indicates that she might be open to dating guys if the right one comes in her way. However, she has chosen to keep her sexuality to herself. As much as the fans are curious to know all about this topic, her dedicated followers must respect her decision and support Zendaya.

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