City on a Hill Season 3

Is City On A Hill Season 3 Coming To Showtime? What’s In Store For The Fans? Know All Updates

Showtime’s acclaimed drama series produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, City On a Hill, premiered its second season in March 2021. The second season was a ride of highs and lows. And since its conclusion, fans have been eagerly waiting for the City On a Hill Season 3. So, let’s see what is the fate of the show and will it return.

City On a Hill is an American crime drama series that first premiered on Showtime in 2019. It features crime on the streets of 1990s Boston. The crime drama follows an unusual alliance between corrupt Federal agent Jackie Rohr and assistant DA DeCourcy Ward. Their partnership changes the face of crime Judiciary in Boston, from armed robbery to criminal trial and lots of drinking. 

City on a Hill season 3

Created by Chuck MacLean, the show has managed to garner praise and acclaim for its first two seasons. The intense drama, multilayered character compelling narrative combined with an edge of the action makes it an absolute treat to watch for the viewers. The show also features excellent portrayals by the cast. And after two enthralling seasons, fans are waiting for what City On a Hill Season 3 has in store for fans.

What Will Happen In The Third Season?

In the second season, viewers saw that Jackie was beginning to look back at his past. This left them wondering will he go down the path of redemption. Meanwhile, Campbell’s case was getting more and more complex in the second season. Grace sought Anton’s aid to save Kelvin. It was also revealed that Jenny has been helping out Maeve. She was loaning her money. But it might turn out to be a mistake. Also, Siobhan suffered a massive heartbreak as she lost her baby due to a miscarriage caused by stress.

City on a Hill Season 3

Now talking about City On a Hill Season 3, fans will learn if Jackie will be able to change herself or not. The next season will also reveal Maeve’s true intentions. And how it affects Jenny’s life. Another question that arises for the third season is there a better future for Siobhan? After having gone from everything bad in the last season. The second season also set up IRA in the picture. And there is also corruption thriving in the Catholic Church. So, there are several questions that the City On a Hill Season 3 will answer. 

City On a Hill Season 3: Release Date

 City on a Hill Season 3

The second season of the City on A Hill was released in March 2021. However, as of now, there has been no announcement about City On A Hill Season 3. Meanwhile, in an interview, showrunner Bacon said, “I haven’t had conversations about the next season. But, I feel like we’ll start to have those conversations if we get another season.” So, there is no confirmation or whereabouts about the third season. But if City on A Hill Season 3 happens, then fans can expect it to release in late 2022 or 2023.

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