1883 Episode 5

1883 Episode 4: The Group Crosses The Dangerous River With Supply Wagons!

It seems like Brennan would have to listen to James’ advice about crossing the river in 1883 Episode. They let the Germans go, who would be trying to get payback for being thrown out of the group. Thus, Brennan would have to agree with James about crossing the river from the west in the next episode. So, keep reading ahead to learn all the essential details about the fourth episode.

1883 Episode 4 Precap: What Will Happen Next?

1883 Episode 4
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The fourth episode has been titled “The Crossing.” The group will have a horrendous job of crossing the river in 1883 Episode 4. While James has decided to the west with his family, Brennan is hell-bent on moving towards the east. However, Brennan might have to listen to James’ advice with danger approaching. They will have to cross the wagons and the supplies. Moreover, in the next episode, Thomas and Noemi would grow closer to each other.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with the dreadful depiction of the Big Scary West. The trail across the west is full of death, waiting behind the tall grass to pounce on its victims. The survival journey gets tricky when James Dutton and Brennan have a difference in opinion. James wanted to head west and cross the river before the winter approached. However, Brennan wanted to keep walking towards the east to find a better crossing part. The trip to the east could extend three weeks in their journey, and James was not willing to bet his life on the fast-approaching winters. So, the duo decided to head their own way with their families. 

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Elsewhere, in 1883 Episode 3, a group of men stole food from a newly widowed Noemi. Her husband wed the man some money, so they took her food supply. Brennan came across the issue and saw that the woman had two sons and had a hard time handling things. So, he offered his help. He and Thomas beat the men down, took the supply, and disbanded their carts. They were thrown out of the traveling group for stealing. Noemi was impressed and wanted to be Brennan’s wife. But, he denied the offer claiming he wouldn’t be around upon reaching Oregon. That’s when Thomas told Brennan that they needed the group’s trust in order to lead them.

James Goes Hunting With His Son John

Elsa and Margaret volunteered to help the cowboys with their herd. Ennis got the chance to flirt with Elsa, who also seemed to be interested in him while Margaret noticed. Morover, James took John on the hunt to team him an important life lesson. They hunted down a deer together and told his kid to be thankful for the animal. The animal died so they could stay alive, and they must honor it. James also told his son about maintaining a balance between being a human and an animal.

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Meanwhile, Brennan had a duel with the Germans after they questioned his authority. However, he left the men alive after winning the duel. Brennan announced that the wagon rail would leave towards the west in the morning. John finds out about Ennis and Elsa. He calls the boy and gives them his blessings. James also warned Ennis not to get handsy in 1883 Episode 3.

1883 Episode 4: Airing Date

The upcoming episode was delayed for a week. Finally, paramount+ will drop 1883 Episode 4 on January 9, 2022. The network will continue airing a new episode weekly on Sundays at 3:00 a.m. ET. Moreover, the show is exclusively available on paramount. So, don’t miss out on the fourth episode and keep returning for more exciting episode previews about your favorite TV shows.


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