June 13, 2024
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The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11: Dave Prepares For A Boxing Tournament Under Calvin!

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 16

It seems like Dave will be aiming to win a boxing tournament under Calvin’s mentorship in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11. Calvin has decided to enroll Dave in a tournament for his upcoming birthday. Meanwhile, Marty will meet an attractive person in the next episode. Hence, keep reading to learn all the details about the eleventh episode.


The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11 Preview: What Will Transpire?

The upcoming episode is titled “Welcome to the Knockout.” Calvin would be training Dave for an amateur boxing tournament in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11. Dave’s 40th birthday is approaching so Calvin wants to make a gesture by coaching him. However, things might get tricky when Dave actually enters the ring. It will be thrilling to find if Dave manages to win the tournament with Clavin’s guidance. Moreover, Marty’s mind would be blown away when Marty meets a new woman at the gym.

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11
Image: CBS

A Quick Recap!

Calvin and Dave received jury duties regarding a shoplifting case in the previous episode. Calvin was not enthusiastic about the summon and tried to ignore the mail. However, Dave insisted that as a citizen he was inclined to respond to the court’s call. So, he was forced to act as a juror. However, he tried his best to be thrown out of the jury. But his failed attempts did not bear any fruitful results. He also annoyed the judge by calling out for a mistrial during the case.

Image: CBS

Meanwhile, Tina and Gemma were at home drinking wine while watching “Ladies Who Kill.” Soon after, Marty and Malcolm arrived to inform them about renting the house for a film shoot. They agreed to cooperate as Gemma and Tina tried everything to get a part in the film. However, the boys did not realize that the shoot was for a pornographic film. Tina and Gemma were also unaware of the truth. They tried to impress the director who agreed to cast them. Eventually, they were shocked to find out the truth and asked the filmmakers to leave.

Calvin Solves The Case!

Further, Calvin came home to Tina and discussed his failing attempts to be dismissed from his duties. However, Tina tried to make him realize how important his role was being a person of color. She talked about how African Americans were not allowed an equal part in judicial decisions. Calvin has inspired by Tina and tried to solve the case. He inclined the jurors into believing the old woman could not have committed shoplifting.

The members believed him and came to a conclusion. However, at the time of the verdict, Calvin saw the same jewelry that had been stolen on the old lady’s neck. So, he stopped the verdict and requested a discussion. However, the old lady confessed to shoplifting while the jury discussed in The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 10.

Image: CBS

The Neighborhood Season 4 Episode 11: Airing Date

The Neighborhood Season 4 will return this week with the eleventh episode on January 17, 2022. And, CBS will continue airing a new episode weekly on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Moreover, each episode of season 4 has 30 minutes of estimated runtime.

Where To Stream The Next Episode Online?

If you miss CBS’ broadcast. you can stream the upcoming episode on the network’s official website and Paramount+. In addition, season 4 is also available on Amazon Prime Video, DirecTV, Vudu, Hulu, Spectrum, Huu+Live, and YouTube TV. So, don’t skip the latest episode and keep returning for more thrilling episode previews.

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