April 22, 2024
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Our Beloved Summer Season 2: Renewed By SBS TV? What’s Next For Choi Ung And Yeon-su?

Our Beloved Summer Season 2

SBS’s highly acclaimed South Korean rom-com, Our Beloved Summer, has recently concluded its first installment on SBS. It ended on a beautiful note with Choi Ung and Yeon-su reuniting after being in a long-distance relationship. They finally decided to move to the next level in their relationship as the lovely duo swore to be by each other’s side for sweetheart. The first season delivered one of the most intriguing high school romance stories, and fans worldwide have been impressed by the show. Thus, the dedicated fans are now eagerly waiting for Our Beloved Summer Season 2.


Our Beloved Summer has managed to appear in Netflix’s Top-10 listings and has been viewed 18.7 million hours over the past two weeks. The series follows Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-su, a high school couple, who break up after five years of togetherness. They decided to never meet each other again. However, everything changes when a documentary they had filmed a decade ago in high school goes viral. Hence, they are forced to face each other again as their close friend Ji-ung produces another documentary on them.

Image: SBS TV

Throughout the season, the duo struggled to accept their deeply-rooted feeling for each other. Ji-Ung had feelings for Yeon-su, while a celebrity star, NJ, falls for Choi Ung. However, the couple rekindles their relationship and expresses their feelings for each other. So, the next question arises is will the show return for the second installment? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Our Beloved Summer Season 2: Renewed By SBS TV?

The fans have been eagerly awaiting the news about the show’s renewal for Our Beloved Summer Season 2 since the first season concluded. However, the network has not revealed any statement confirming the second installment yet. Fans have been concerned that the final episode would have been the last time we saw Choi Ung and Yeon-su together on the screen.

The majority of K-dramas are created for a single season and comprise a total of sixteen episodes. Moreover, Our Beloved Summer has dealt with all the loose ends. Thus, it is highly likely that the show will not return for Our Beloved Summer Season 2. Moreover, if the exception happens and anyway the drama receives renewal, the announcement generally comes before the ending of the previous installment.

Image: SBS TV

Luckily, the show has been highly viewed by fans across the world. Although the show did not perform so well in South Korea, it has managed to make it to the Top 10 shows list on Netflix. The K-drama has managed to earn a rating of 8.8/10 on IMDb and 92% on Asian Wiki. Thus, the grand success of the show might lead the network or maybe the streaming platform to renew the show. Thus, fans need to stay hopeful about the positive future of K-drama.

How Did The First Installment End?

In the finale, Choi Ung and Yeon-su made a tough decision to walk their own paths. Chi Ung decided to move to Paris and pursue his dream, while Yeon-su’s grandmother advised her to follow her heart. Ung urged Yeon-su to come along with him, but she wanted to stay back and declined his offer. Choi decided to see his father one last time, who had abandoned him during his childhood. And, Yeon-su realized that she had never been alone. Her friends had always been there by her side to support her. She decided to embrace her life and wait for Ung to return.

Image: SBS TV

Finally, Choi returned back to South Korea after spending two years in Paris. The duo had chosen to stay in a long-distance relationship. He reunited with Yeon-su and proposed to her for marriage. Towards the end, Ji-ung approached the married couple regarding another documentary as fans were curious about their married life. After a little convincing, Choi and Yeon decided to go ahead with Ji-ung’s idea in Our Beloved Summer.

What Will Happen Next?

If the series returns for Our Beloved Summer Season 2, fans can expect to see Choi and Yeon starting a new life together. Now that they have established themselves, the next season will feature how the couple deals with the challenges of marriage. Moreover, some troubling situations can also take place which might threaten their relationship. So, fans need to be hopeful about the show’s return.

Our Beloved Summer Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, the network has not announced the second installment yet. Moreover, the probability of the show’s return is quite low itself. However, the impressive response from the fans makes it a strong contender for season 2. Thus, we will have to wait to hear back from the network before predicting a tentative return date. Till then, keep returning for more thrilling updates about your favorite K-dramas.

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