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Fernanda Gomez: Everything To Know About Boxer Canelo Alvarez’s Wife

Fernanda Gomez is slowly growing up as one of the most influential media personalities on social media. Her following has grown rapidly on Instagram, as she currently holds 1.1 million followers. The world recognizes her as the wife of a professional Mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez.

Although, her marriage to a popular boxing star is not the only factor that makes her worth knowing. She is a talented supermodel, a renowned social media personality, and a successful businesswoman who runs her own show. So, let us move forward to take a detailed look at Fernanda’s life and what makes her so special.

Who is Fernanada Gomez?

Fernanda is a Mexican national born on June 22, 1996, in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is a successful social media personality and a successful business owner apart from being Alvarez’s wife. She also runs her own celebrity-style nail salon in Guadalajara.

Although, Gomez has always strayed from revealing much information about her family. It is known that she was raised by her parents, Lorena Martinez Cuevas and Ernesto Gomez Morales. She has four siblings whose information is unknown. She recently got married to boxing legend Canelo Alvarez and has a daughter named Maria Fernanda Alvarez.

Fernanda is an active social media influencer who loves to post pictures of her loving family on Instagram. Evidently, she loves traveling and uploads intriguing posts of her travels, attracting a wide range of fan following across the world. She has managed to gain a whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram and is actively involved in endorsement deals.

How Old Is Fernanda Gomez?

Born in 1996, Fernanda Gomez is 25 years of age. She had a keen interest and modeling since her early days. So, Fernanda tried her hand in the modeling industry and luckily became a recognized personality. Her journey from being a simple Mexican girl to becoming a renowned and influential personality has inspired women all around the world. 

Fernanda Gomez Net Worth?

Fernanda started out as a model. She built her way up to being a successful businesswoman and a fashion enthusiast. However, Fernanda rose to fame after she met with Alvarez a few years ago. She went on to support him on every bout and was seen with him publically. With love on her side, she managed to establish a gripping presence on various social media platforms.

However, her most successful social media account is on Instagram, with over a million followers. Moreover, Fernanda earns most of her money through brand endorsements and advertising on social media. She also represented Volvo at the Cachagya golf club in 2016. 

Gomez has also worked for Adidas and various renowned brands. In addition, she has made several appearances in TV shows. She also received credits for being an exemplary cinematographer in many films, including “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star(2019).” Her estimated net worth from her brand deals, modeling, and business is around $20 million.

Fernanda Gomez Husband

Gomez married Canelo Alvarez, the expert Mexican boxer who has won several world championships in four weight categories. She first met Canelo in the year 2017, and the couple has been dating ever since. Fernanda gave birth to their daughter in the year 2018, one year after meeting Canelo.

Canelo decided to marry Fernanda days after defeating Billy Joe Saunders and unifying his title. The long-time couple married each other in May 2021. Undoubtedly, Fernanda’s relationship with Canelo has brought her a lot of fortune, fame, and happiness. Apart from having a lavish lifestyle, Fernanda Gomez rose to fame after she appeared with Canelo in public. The World Boxing Association also congratulated and welcomed Fernanda to the boxing family and wished them a happy life together.

Canelo Alvarez: Professional Career & Life Before Gomez

Canelo Alvarez achieved recognition after defeating Tony Fitch and Carlos Adan Jerez in 2008. He won his first belt at the FEDECENTRO World Boxing Association by beating Gabriel Martinez. He won his first Worl Boxing Council middleweight title against Matthew Hatton at the age of 21. With luck, hard work, and dedication, he managed to defend his title and beat Kermit Cintron, Alfonso Gomez, and Ryan Rhodes. 

Further, Alvarez had four WBO world championship titles at the end of 2016. He was won 51 out of 54 fights. He has drawn two fights and just been defeated once over the course of his breathtaking career. His win against Billy Saunders has guaranteed him a position on the world’s highest-paid athletes list in 2022. 

Canelo Alvarez has three children from his previous marriages. He has overall four children from four different women. He has a daughter named Maria with Fernanda Gomez, who was born in 2017 before their marriage. Also, before his relationship with Fernanda, Canelo was engaged to Miss Mexico Universe and sports reporter Marisol Gonzalez. He even had a kid with his former manager. Canelo became a father for the first time at the age of 16.

Fernanda Gomez Boyfriend

Unfortunately, there is very little information about Fernanda’s dating life before she met Canelo Alvarez. The duo first met at a Charity Gala in 2017. Since then, Fernanda and Alvarez have made it a victory ritual for his girlfriend to be present during each bout. While Fernanda received a great deal of fame being Alvarez’s side, she has also turned out to be a lucky charm for her husband. The duo is known for traveling, partying, and are keen on living a lavish lifestyle, which makes them subjected to attention and popularity.

Is Fernanda Gomez Gay?

Fans across the web are always curious to know about the sexual orientation of their favorite celebrities. However, Fernanda has always tried to keep a low profile, even after coming from a wealthy background. But just like her dating history, there has been no information about her sexuality.

However, she had been dating Canelo for about five years until they got married last year. She also has a daughter with Canelo, which suggests that she is straight. Although, a popular personality’s sexual preferences should not be a matter of public opinion either.

Fernanda Gomez has made her way to fame and popularity quite graciously without causing a scandal or pulling out a public stunt. Thus, she is one of the most inspiring rising stars for young men and women around the world.


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