June 15, 2024
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A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5: Matthew And Diana To Sept Tours With The Twins! Know What’s Next

A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 7

It looks like Matthew and Diana will return home with their newborn twins in A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5. They would be welcomed by Gerbert, who will ask them to take a look at the babies. Meanwhile, Benjamin will go ahead with his plan of starting his scion in the upcoming episode. So, keep reading further to learn all the necessary details about the fifth episode.


A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5 Preview: What Will Happen?

Everyone will be present at Timothy’s funeral in A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5. Diana assured him that he was not alone. But, Peter Knox attacked him while Diana was having a baby. Thus, they will gather to be by Timothy’s side one last time, even when they did not know him very well. 

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Matthew and Diana will finally return to Sept Tours with the newborn twins in the upcoming episode. In addition, Gerber will make a request to examine the babies, so he can discover if the twins have any supernatural abilities. Benjamin will move ahead with his plan to take down the “de Clermonts” by forming his scion. 

A Quick Recap!

Diana found an active coven in London in the previous episode where Goody Alsop’s house used to be. The witches agreed to help Diana and Sarah cast a locator spell to find the daemon who stole the third missing page from the Book of Life. The frightened daemon named Timothy considered the pages a part of his family and was not in favor of giving them up. 

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Meanwhile, in A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 4, Chris took the DNA samples from the New Orleans vampires. He discovered that the blood rage gene is activated by something which comes from the human genome. Thus, having a blood rage depended on the genetic makeup of the human who had been sired. Miriam informed Matthew about Chris’ discovery and urged him to return home by keeping his fears aside. Agatha accompanied Diana on her return trip to visit Timothy. She assured the daemon that he was not alone. 

Further, Diana went into labor soon after she took the pages and began to leave. Matthew went to meet Baldwin and expressed his intention of forming a scion. However, Baldwin refused to get along with his plan. Soon after, Matthew rushed back to London to be with Diana, who gave birth to a girl and a boy. Elsewhere, Glasgow, who was in love with Diana, felt that it was time for him to leave. Agatha went back to Timoty’s house and found him on his deathbed. He told Agatha that Peter Knox attacked him in A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 4.

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A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5: Airing Date

The fifth episode of A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Episode 5 will come on February 4, 2022. Season 3 is available on AMC+ in the US and Sky Max in the UK. In addition, the network releases a new episode weekly on Fridays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Also, the current season will feature a total of seven episodes, each with an estimated runtime of around 45 minutes.

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