May 26, 2024
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Are You The One Season 9: When Is It Coming To MTV? New Location This Time, More Updates

Are you the One Season 3

Reality shows have been getting more attention than ever over the past few years. And networks have realized this. Therefore, from Netflix to Fox to MTV, everyone is making more and more reality shows for catering audience’s guilty pleasure. MTV’s Are You The One Is among the most popular dating reality shows around. Fans have enjoyed the ground of 20 youngsters partying and flirting for over eight seasons. And now they are eagerly waiting for Are You The One Season 9.


Are You The One Season 9: Where Are They Filming This Time?

Just to be clear, it is still very early to predict anything about Are You The One Season 9 since MTV hasn’t announced anything about it. There is no official confirmation about the shooting site for the ninth season. Based on eight previous seasons of the series, we know that Are You The One is generally filmed at a site with beautiful beaches. Thus, we are more than hopeful that the series will continue this trend when the ninth installment returns.

Are You The One Season 9

Kona, Hawaii, is most certainly the likely candidate for the location. MTV has shot five of its eight seasons in the state, with three of them, including Seasons 7 and 8, taking place in Kona. It’s feasible that MTV will stick with what’s working and return to the Aloha State. The other three seasons were shot on location in the Gulf Coast/Caribbean. Seasons 2 and 5 were shot in Puerto Rico, Season 6 in the Dominican Republic, and Season 7 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

If Season 9 isn’t shot in Hawaii, it will most likely be shot somewhere else with wonderful weather. California? Is it the southeast United States? Is there another Caribbean country? We don’t know yet. However, we can likely figure out Bangor, Maine.

When Is Are You The One Season 9 Coming?

Are You The One? season 9:

The eighth season of MTV’s reality series ‘Are You The One’ premiered on the network on June 26, 2019. As far as the ninth season is concerned, there has been no official announcement from MTV about Are You The One Season 9. The reality series generally takes less than a year to release the next season after one.

However, the past three years have been unusually difficult for shows due to the global pandemic. And since the show’s format requires the participants to be in close proximity to each other, this might have been one of the reasons why MTV is not hasty to create the ninth season. But given the popularity of the series, we expect it to return once the pandemic passes.

Are Wes And Kayla Still Together?

Kayla Are You The One And Other Cast From Season 1

Kayla and Wes were the other initial perfect match at the first matchup rite. Even though they attempted to scramble things up for a few episodes in the middle, Kayla and Ryan went into the Truth Booth and got together again in the ninth episode.

After the performance, Wes and Kayla didn’t seek a romance in any way. In fact, Kayla revealed at the reconciliation that she had previously visited Ryan, and the two had hooked up. That, however, did not result in anything. Wes, who goes by the Instagram handle @wesbuckles, now works in pharmaceuticals in Los Angeles, while Kayla, who goes by the Instagram handle @kaylajade.b, operates a blog and is engaged to Marcus Aurelius.

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