June 16, 2024
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In Treatment Season 5: Will The Show Return On HBO? What Are The Chances?

In Treatment Season 4

The fourth season of HBO’s drama series In Treatment premiered in May 2021. And since the season ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for In Treatment Season 5. But will the show return? What are the chances? Let us discuss what we know about the upcoming season.


HBO’s In Treatment is a drama television series that debuted on the network in 2008. The show is inspired by an Israeli series called BeTipul. The first three seasons of the drama series were set in Baltimore, following psychotherapist Dr. Paul Weston trying to help various patients suffering from various issues. And the fourth season of the series, which came after almost a decade, introduced the audience to a new therapist named Dr. Brooke Taylor in Los Angeles.

The show has been widely praised by critics throughout its four-season run. In Treatment features the real-life experiences of professional psychiatric therapists. And compelling storylines, touchy themes, and compelling drama are the main highlights of the series. In Treatment has also won several prestigious awards like Prime Time Emmy and Golden Globes.

Will There Be In Treatment Season 5?

In Treatment Seaosn 5

The fourth season of In Treatment concluded in June 2021. And as far as In Treatment Season is concerned, no official announcement has been made by the network about it yet. But given the fact that the revived fourth season did surprisingly well upon its release, there is a high chance that HBO will light the season sooner or later.

What To Expect From In Treatment Season 5?

In the fourth season of In Treatment, viewers saw Brooke mainly working with three clients, Eladio, Colin, and Laila. Each of these three patients was going through a difficult phase in life. That is why they are taking therapy. Brooke was doing everything in her power to help out her patients. She is attempting to get insight into their lives to help them figure out what they have to do. However, she has to steer her borders with each of her patients with utmost care. Meanwhile, Brooke’s old friend Rita is helping out the therapist to get some much-needed fresh perspective, given that Brooke is having her own problems in her personal life.

Orange Is the New Black star in trailer for In Treatment revival

So, when the series returns for In Treatment Season 5, viewers can expect it to continue forward the stories of our favorite characters. The upcoming season will bring a new set of patients who will seek Brook’s professional help. In addition, In Treatment Season 5 will also feature the psychologist having a journey of her own in her life. She will evolve as an individual who can manage personal relationships in a better way.

In Treatment Cast!

In treatment Season 5

In the previous season of the series, the character of Dr. Brooke Taylor was played by Uzo Aduba. On the other hand, Brooke’s AA sponsor Rita was portrayed by Liza Colón-Zayas. At the same time, Joel Kinnaman played the part of Brooke’s intermittent boyfriend, Adam. In Treatment’s cast roaster also features Anthony Ramos as Eladio Restrepo John Hickey as Colin, Quintessa Swindell as Laila, and Charlayne Woodard appears as Rhonda. Most of these actors are expected to reprise their roles when the show comes back for In Treatment Season 5. Meanwhile, viewers might also see some fresh faces in the upcoming season.

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