June 15, 2024
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Pose Season 4: Will Showrunners Return With More Worldly Issues? What Are The Chances?

Pose Season 4

FX’s cultural drama, Pose, has broken a lot of stereotypes regarding the lives and the culture of the LGBTQ community throughout three seasons. The previous installment came out in May 2021 and featured a total of seven episodes. Pose is the network’s highest-rated drama series to receive various nominations and awards, including the Gloden Globe and The prime Time Emmy’s. Thus, fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s return for Pose Season 4, as three seasons does not seem enough.


The first season was set between 1887-88. It focused on the several taboo sections of life and society in New York. The first installment explored the African-American and Latino ball culture, the rise of the Drag, and the yuppie milieu. Moreover, season 2 was set in the years 1990 and depicted the character being forced to deal with HIV-AIDS. It shows the dreadful side of the LQBTQ, who were left to deal with the disease on their own.

The characters planned various fundraisers, movements, and memorial services to survive through the epidemic together. The second season also depicted how several members of the community took new opportunities as dancers and teachers while others had to adapt to dominatrices and strip jobs to survive. 

Image: FX

Next, the third installment, which began in the year 1994, depicted Blanca trying to balance her life as a nurse aide, a mother, and her partner Christopher. Season 3 also focused on the reassembly of House of Evangelista. Lemar’s father played a crucial role in organizing a new group named House of Khan while helping Prey tell with health scarce. So, will the show return for Pose season 4 to reveal more truths about the outer world? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Pose Season 4: Will The Show Return For Another Season?

As per the show’s creators, Pose was always meant to last for three seasons. So, it is highly unlikely that the show would return for Pose Season 4. However, the network has not canceled the series yet. Showrunner Steven Canals also shared his perspective on the show’s future while talking to Variety.

According to Steven, if we go back to the first season, the characters managed to achieve what they aimed for by the end of the third season. He explained how the final season was always meant to be the conclusion of the three-arc narrative. Steven also added how the finale allowed the characters to explore what it meant to have everything that they ever wished for in the first season. 

For Blanca, it meant finding a new job, fighting for the rights of HIV and AIDS patients, and exploring a newfound relationship with her new partner Christopher. Moreover, Angel and Papi took further steps to take their relationship towards the next phase.

Image: FX

Steven also shared that there were discussions in the writers about continuing the narratives around these characters in this world. However, they did not want another season to look like a filler. He mentioned that the last thing he wanted was to create a narrative with no real intention. He could see the conclusion at the end of the third season, and it made sense for him to land the plan comfortably. So, they decided not to go ahead with Pose Season 4.

How Did The Final Season End?

In the third season finale, Pray Tell’s mother, Charlene, visited Blanca. She thanks Blanca for being a mother to him and taking care of him during his last days. She shared half of Pray’s ashes and some heart-shaped lockets as per his death wish. Meanwhile, ACT protested by dumping the ashed of their loved ones who had died of HIV on the mayor’s lawn. At Pray’s apartment, Blanca handed out the lockets and read what Tell had written about his ballroom family. And Ricky dressed in all black and performed on “The Man I Love” with the gay men’s choir. 

Four years in time, Blanca celebrated getting a job as a nurse and her fourth anniversary with Christopher. Blanca visited Judy on the hospital’s fourth floor as the duo reminisced the moments of their past. Blanca then revealed an HIV diagnosis to a patient at St. Vincent’s and invited her to be a part of the next ball on Saturday. 

Image: FX

Further, Blanca met Elektra, Lulu, and Angel for lunch, who all became quite successful in their respective fields. Elektra awarded Blanca a Legendary status at the ball. Another ball mother asked Blanca how she could keep going without winning any awards or gaining recognition. Blanca replied that lifting up the children’s lives and showing support was the only reason that kept her going at the end of Pose Season 3.

Pose: Cast

The lead cast members of Pose included MJ Rodriguez as Blanca Evangelista, a trans woman with AIDS and a former member of the House of Abundance. Further, Dominique Jackson portrayed Elektra Evangelista, Billy Porter as Pray Tell, Indya Moore as Angel Evangelista, and Ryan Jamaal Swain as Damon Evangelista. Several recurring cast members and guests stars were also a part of this three-season tail.

Pose Season 4
Image: FX

Pose Season 4: Will It Ever Return?

Unfortunately, the showrunners and the creators clarified that Pose’s story concluded with the end of the third season. They have dealt with all the loose ends as the renowned characters find themselves in a better place. Thus, it is highly unlikely that the show would return for Pose Season 4. However, there is a slight possibility that we can get some kind of spin-off or movie inspired by the coming of age cultural TV series. So, stay hopeful and keep coming back for inspiring news updates only on TechRadar247.com.

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