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Utopia Season 5: Renewed By ABC? Know Return Date And More Details!

ABC’s Australian comedy series, Utopia, has kept the fans intrigued for four long seasons. The fourth installment of the series came out in October 2019. It has almost been three years since the previous season, but fans are still wondering if they will ever get to see Utopia Season 5. The series was well-received in the US and grossed reputable ratings across various platforms. Created by Working Dog Productions, the comedy series debuted on the network in August 2014. Moreover, Utopia is internationally titled “Dreamland”.

Utopia deeply explores the conflict between bureaucracy and grand ambitions. The series follows the professional lives of the team in the newly created fictional government organization named the Nation Building Authority. The authority is responsible for supervising major infrastructure projects from beginning to end, taking care of marketing, construction, sales, and delivery. The Bureaucrats deal with the frustrations of self-interest, publicity stunts, and constants turnarounds in politics and bureaucracy. So, will the show return for another season? Keep reading further to find out!

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Utopia Season 5: Renewed By ABC?

Unfortunately, the network has neither confirmed nor canceled the series yet. ABC did not make any announcements about the show’s future after the fourth season. Fans have been keenly looking forward to Utopia Season 5.

Sadly, the network has halted the show, and it is still not sure if Utopia will return or not. However, fans can stay hopeful about the fifth season as the network has not canceled Utopia either. Moreover, the pandemic led to the postponement and cancelation of a number of series across all platforms. Thus, fans can stay hopeful about the series’ return in the near future. The show managed to earn an incredible rating of 8.4/10 on IMDB and 4.9/5 on Google Play for its four seasons. The show’s consistency throughout the four runs makes it a strong contender for a renewal. So, stay hopeful and hope for the best.

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What Transpired Last Season?

During the fourth season, Jim and Tony had a difference in opinion about dealing with the company tax fraud issues. Rhonda sought help from a TV personality to launch a major government report. However, the arrival of a work experience student resulted in some ministerial revelations. Nat received an invitation to be a part of a prestigious board. However, she quickly found herself in conflict with the Chair.

Further, a computer malfunction jeopardized Tony’s plan to pitch an important proposal. Due to a prematurely-announced construction project, Nat and Rhonda were forced to handle a community backlash. Tony was tasked by the Minister to supervise the implementation of the new electronic ID card scheme. Meanwhile, Nate and Ash dealt with a realization that their expensive wildlife project was not conserving the wildlife after all. 

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Tony defended himself when Rhonda and Jim blamed him for a failed NBA project. Nat and Ash prepared for an overseas trade delegation. The new security system proved to be too secure. Eventually, Tony found himself at odds with Rhonda and Jim after his trip to Canberra. He refused to take on a major government project. Moreover, Nat and Ash revealed some disappointing news to the Minister at the end of Utopia Season 4. 

Who Could Be The Cast Next Season?

If ABC renews the comedy series for Utopia Season 5, we can expect the show’s lead Rob Sitch to return as Tony Woodford. Tony is NBA’s CEO, who is constantly frustrated by his inability to achieve anything more than meetings, studies, and reports. Moreover, Anthony Lehmann is expected to return as Jim Gibson, a government liaison who is always excited about new projects and obvious about the problem & chaos that follow.

In addition, Celia Pacquola as Nat Russell, Dave lawson as Scott Byrnes, and Kitty Flanagan as Rhonda Stewart are expected to appear in the next season. Also, Emma Wilson, Toby Truslove, Dilruk Jayasinha, and Nina Oyama are hoped to appear in Utopia Season 5.

Utopia Season 5
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Utopia Season 5: When Will It Return?

Sadly, ABC has not confirmed the fifth installment yet. Moreover, it has been almost three years since the fourth season ca,e out. Thus, the probability of the show’s return is quite low. However, the network has not canceled the show either. So, there is still some hope that the show might return for Utopia Season 5. However, predicting a possible return would not be feasible as of now. So, stay tuned for more thrilling news updates only on TechRadar247.com.


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