May 30, 2024
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Hinterland Season 4: Will BBC Revive The Welsh Series For Another Season? What Are The Chances?

Hinterland Season 4

BBC’s Welsh drama, Hinterland, has been one of the most awaited foreign dramas on the network. The third installment of the series came out in 2016. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s return for Hinterland Season 4. It has been five years since season 3, yet the dedicated fans express the desire to see SCI Tom Mathias one last time in the fourth season.


Hinterland is a Welsh drama that had been created as part of a commitment made by Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director of BBC Cymru Wales in 2013. The idea of the series was to encourage the Welsh language and cultures on mainstream BBC channels. Originally known as Y Gwyll in Welsh, Hinterland was created in association with the Welsh Government, who provided the creators repayable funding of £215,000.

Image: BBC

The noir crime drama is set in Aberystwyth. Hinterland revolves around a troubled DCI Tom Mathias, who solves crimes while on a journey to find redemption. Tom is on the run from his past in London. He is a brilliant detective with a dark past, who isolates himself in a mysterious town that is as troubled and destructive as himself. Over the course of three seasons, Tom solved a number of crimes and uncovered hidden mysteries, which led him on a journey of confrontations and realizations. So, will DCI Mathais return for Hinterland Season 4? Keep reading ahead to find out.

Hinterland Season 4: Will It Return For Another Season?

Unfortunately, BBC has made no announcement about Hinterland Season 4. To be clear, there has been no renewal, nor has the network canceled the series as of now. However, it has been almost five years since the last season came out in 2016. Thus, it is highly unlikely that renewal is coming anytime soon.

Hinterland received appreciable ratings of 7.6/10 and 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Hence, there is hope that the network might think of reviving Hinterland in the future. Moreover, the iconic Aberystwyth police station building depicted in Hinterland was auctioned in 2014 for £530,000 to Hawkstones Ltd. The property was used by the local authorities as a County office and courthouse for over 60 years.

Image: BBC

The company’s plan was to transform the building into a 30-bed hotel along with 39 apartments at an estimated cost of £7.5m. Thus, the show has been liked by audiences around the world. Hence, the show’s popularity might lead to a revival for Hinterland Season 4 by BBC or the original Welsh network S4C.

How Did Hinterland Season 3 End?

Towards the end of season 3, Tom Mathais was digging deeper into the suspicious death of Iwan Thomas. However, the suicide of Caitrin John gave Tom a surprising lead regarding Iwan’s death. Unfortunately, Powell decided to close the case following high pressure from his superiors. So, Mathias took assistance from Mared to run a private investigation into Iwan’s death. Tom managed to crack the using the disappearance of a GP in 1994 as his leverage. Prosser was frustrated and tried to suspend Mathais before the investigation gained attention.

Image: BBC

Further, Prosser put a knife on Robert Owen and threatened him to confess the truth about Hugh Vaughan’s disappearance. However, Prosser could not control himself and ended up killing his second victim, Robert. Elsewhere, Sian found out that Prosser was the last person to have contacted Iwan before his death. Finally, Mathais was forced to apprehend his superior, Prosser, as he managed to expose the ring of abusers and brought the case to a close. Thus, if Mathais returns for Hinterland Season 4, we can expect him to go on another mysterious journey in the future.

Who Could Return Next Season?

If BBC renews season 4, fans can expect Richard Harrington to return as DCI Tom Mathias. Moreover, Mali Harries as Mared Rhys and Alex Harries as Llyod Elis could also return. In addition, Hannah Daniel as Sian Owens and Aneirin Hughes as Brian Prosser could also appear in Hinterland Season 4.

Hinterland Season 4
Image: BBC

Hinterland Season 4: When Does It Return?

Unfortunately, BBC has not renewed the fourth season yet. However, the network has not canceled the Welsh series either. Thus, fans can hope to see Hinterland Season 4 returning sometime in the future if the network decided to pick it up. So, stay tuned for more informative news updates only on

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