High Maintenance Season 5

High Maintenance Season 5: Boss Teased Plans For Next Run! When Will The Show Return?

Fans have been hoping for a long time to see what will happen in High Maintenance Season 5 and what more stories Ben Sinclair’s The Guy will tell to the audience. But unfortunately, the fourth season was the last season of the show. Indeed you read it right. Last year HBO Max announced their decision for Ben starring comedy series. However, High Maintenance fans can breathe a sigh of relief as there’s still hope that the show might return for the next run. Keep reading to know what made us say this.

Created by Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, High Maintenance is an anthology dramedy that follows the life of a cannabis provider called The Guy. He tells his story, which is deeply connected to his drug delivery in New York City. High Maintenance consists of six web series and four television seasons. It initially aired on Vimeo and was later picked up by HBO for their weekend night slot. When the show moved to HBO, it expanded to the half-hour format.

High Maintenance Season 5: Has It Renewed Yet?

High Maintenance Season 5

Unfortunately, not! After four wonderful seasons, HBO decided to scrap High Maintenance. HBO revealed that both Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld are looking forward to exploring new projects. Thus, it left them with no choice to drop the season. “We look forward to hearing,” HBO stated, “what they come up with next.” Well, it seems the network is hoping to come up with new seasons or a spinoff. As of now, it remains unclear. But there’s a slim chance that the network will renew the show in the future.

High Maintenance has been a highly critical acclaimed show. It garnered positive views from the fans as well as critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show gained 98% positive reviews, while on IMDb, it gained 8.1/10. Thus fans seemed surprised when the network decided to end the saga after four successful seasons. It marks the second show that HBO ended back in 2021. Insecure was also close to getting a fifth season. However, the network scrapped the show in the middle.

Creators Open Up On Struggles They Faced

High Maintenance Season 5

As mentioned above, High Maintenance started as a web series. Thus the creators faced a struggle transitioning the web series into HBO. Further, they appeared under pressure when the network decided to run the series on Sunday night timeslot. Blichfeld told IndieWire that she was intimidated by the airing time. It was quite challenging for them. But they wonderfully dealt with it.

Will The Creators Return With High Maintenance Season 5?

As of now, there’s no word on what Ben and Blichfeld are hoping to do next. In 2019, the pair admitted that their work never satisfied them. However, they never took it seriously as everyone has their own days of highs and lows. But deep down, they know that they can produce more than what they are doing currently. Thus, it gives hope that perhaps the former couple might return with High Maintenance Season 5 or something similar.

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