Marrying Millions Season 3

Marrying Millions Season 3: Releasing In 2022? Is The Show Scripted?

Lifetime’s Marrying Millions is one of the most popular reality shows on any cable network. However, the future of Marrying Millions Season 3 is currently in limbo. Well, fans have been clamoring to know more about the different couples and the wealth difference between them. Some also want to know what happened to those couples who appeared in the previous seasons of Marrying Millions. Are they still together? Let’s see!

Marrying Millions is a reality television series that aired on Lifetime. It explores the lives of six couples who receive words from family and friends. Their daily life is shown in the show. While each season consists of new couples, there is one couple who was part of both seasons. Further, the show consists of several controversies that made it popular amongst the fans.

Marrying Millions Season 3: Has It Renewed Yet?

Marrying Millions Season 3

Sadly, we have disturbing news for Marrying Millions fans. Lifetime is yet to renew the show for the third run. Well, the second season started airing on August 5, 2020, and it’s been almost a year. So, the streamer is yet to decide the future of the show. However, there is a slight possibility that due to the COVID-pandemic, things are getting delayed. That’s why the streamer put a hold on the show.

As per Deadline, the first season gained 433,000 viewers, which further led to the expansion of the first season. Initially, it consisted of ten episodes. However, the massive popularity of Marrying Millions leads to expanding the show to sixteen episodes. Later, it gained a total of 331,000 viewers and was a huge success on the cable channel. Thus, we can safely say that the show will return Marrying Millions Season 3 sooner or later.

Marrying Millions Season 3: Is It Scripted?

Marrying Millions Season 3

Well, Marrying Millions is a reality television show that portrays the life of six millionaire couples and how they fall in love with each other. Some of them are with financial issues to wide age gap issues. However, there’s an allegation that the show has been scripted. The rumors began surfacing when people noticed that some parts of the show were heavily edited. Further, fans’ suspicion became more crystal clear when Bill Hutchinson tried to control the situation so that the show could depict them right.

Marrying Millions Season 3: Who Will Be In The Cast?

Right now, it’s unknown who could be the cast of Marrying Millions Season 3. Well, the network is yet to announce the future of the show. However, viewers can expect a whole new bunch of cast members in the upcoming season. There’s also a slight possibility that some members of the past season could return just like it happened in the last season. But they have to wait until the network announces who could join the third season.

Marrying Millions Season 3

Marrying Millions Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

As usual, Marrying Millions will return with six couples from around the globe. Their day-to-day life will portray on the show, and how the couples manage criticism and other obstacles. Further, it will continue depicting the problem they will face altogether. The show focuses more on the wealth difference between them and how they work along.


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