Love On The Spectrum Season 3

Love On The Spectrum Season 3: Renewed By Netflix? Will Jimmy And Sharnae Return This Time?

Love On The Spectrum is a reality dating series that follows autistic people on their journey of Love in hopes of finding their perfect match. The reality series created by Cian O’Clery debuted in 2019 and charmed its way into the hearts of the audience. After the premiere of the second season in September 2021, fans have been eagerly waiting for the show to return with Love On The Spectrum Season 3. So, what are the chances? Will the show return? Let us find that below-

Who Will Feature In Love On The Spectrum Season 3?

The format of Love On The Spectrum follows beautiful love stories among autistic people. We know that when Love On The Spectrum Season 3 returns, Jodi Rodgers will be there to assist the cast members of the season in exploring the many phases of communication and feelings. Jodi is a brilliant therapist, sexologist, and relationship counselor specializing in operating with people of special abilities.

Jodi lends her helping hand to help the participants communicate with their partners, from the first interactions to the very end. Given the important role Jodi plays in the show, we doubt Rodgers will be back in Love On The Spectrum Season 3.

Love On the Spectrum Season 3

On the other hand, we also know that there will several be adorable autistic people ready to enter the dating arena in the cast of Love On The Spectrum Season 3. The third season will bring a lot of fresh faces while the others open up about their relationship. Viewers will definitely see several new faces on ‘Love on the Spectrum’ when the series returns for a third run. However, unfortunately, we have no confirmation as of now about who will join the show in season 3. 

However, fans might see some of the participants from the previous seasons making their way back on the show. After all, who would not want to see Michael, Mark, Chloe, and the lovely couple Jimmy and Sharnae returning to the show? There is a chance that the third season may feature a mix-up of new and old contestants.

When Is Love On Spectrum Season 3 Coming?

The second season of Love On The Spectrum dropped on Netflix on September 21, 2021. Talking about Love On Spectrum Season 3, there has been no official announcement as of now about the renewal of the reality show. However, given how the show has managed to impress fans all across the world, there is a very high chance that, sooner or later, Netflix will renew the show for a third installment. 

Love on the Spectrum Season 3

Showrunner Cian O’Clery, while talking about the show, said, “People with autism, or Asperger’s, have more gifts than neurotypical people do, such as being highly intelligent. Being able to do puzzles very well, remember lines just like that, and have photographic memories. Those are the kinds of gifts that I meant.”

Cian also added, “The number one thing I hope people will get from the series is that they’ll understand more about autism. We’re telling autistic stories via the lens of dating and relationships. but really. It’s about getting to know these people and understanding the diversity of autism and the fact that everyone is so different. It’s something you just can’t make assumptions about.”

Are Jimmy And Sharnae From Love On The Spectrum Still Together?

Love On The Spectrum Season 3

Jimmy and Sharnae met for the first time shortly after graduating from high school at an employment center. And there was an instant spark between them. The duo began a new chapter in their lives when they started living together. Soon after, Jimmy proposed to Sharnae over a romantic getaway, as we saw in the first season. Jimmy and Sharnae’s second season appearance focused primarily on their trip to Las Vegas, where Jimmy competed in pool competition. Their gorgeous wedding was also captured as part of the series, marking another happy milestone for the pair.

It brings us joy to inform our readers that Jimmy and Sharnae Berresford are still sailing together happily in the boat of life. Sharnae has revealed that she and Jimmy sometimes need a while to communicate rightly due to autism. Nevertheless, this also makes it also makes their relationship a lot less complicated. 

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