Love Is Blind Japan Season 2: Did Netflix Renew The Reality Show? What To Expect From It?

Love Is Blind is surely among the most popular dating shows around these days. The Japanese version of the show hosted by Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya was released on Netflix on February 2, 2022. In the first season, we saw eight couples on their journey to find love with the consideration of physical appearance. And since the first season has concluded, fans have already started waiting for Love Is Blind Japan Season 2. So, here’s what we know about it. 

What To Expect From Love Is Blind Japan Season 2?

When the series returns for Love Is Blind Japan Season 2, it will follow the set pattern of the franchise. The second season will invite a new group of singles who are ready to find love, date, and maybe even get engaged through a wall. The grants participate for a total of ten days to get to know each other in these “pods” before they are asked to make their final decision. Then some lucky paired one will earn a getaway on a romantic vacation.

Love is Blind Japan Season 2

On the getaway, they will find out is their emotional connection strong enough to conquer physical attraction. The couples will persist in the process by living with each other for about a month. If everything goes alright, then only the couple will be able to walk down the aisle together and prove the notion right that Love Is Blind.

Where Are Ryotaro and Motomi Headed?

Love is Blind: Japan Season 2

Fans first met Ryotaro and Motomi in the first season of Love Is Blind Japan. And from that moment, we could notice the unequivocal spark between the two. Therefore, no one was really surprised when the two got engaged at the end of the first season. They both had the charming capacity to hammer out their awkwardness when they met each other face to face for the first time. Both of them also unpretentiously met each other parents. They, as promised in the pods, gladly vowed to do so forever while standing at the altar as well.

Since then, it seems that they’ve continued to grow their relationship while living in Tokyo, demonstrating that they first fell for each other’s hearts and humanity. As of this writing, neither Ryotaro nor Motomi have made any public statements on this aspect of their lives. It is unsurprising given how their entire story was recently captured in the Netflix original. However, we should point out that, whereas the former is a hairstylist and a fashion store supervisor, the latter is a marketing salesman, a Chinchilla mother, and a foodie.

When Will Love Is Blind Japan Season 2 Release?

The entire first season of the Japanese version of Love Is Blind was released on Netflix on February 8, 2022. The season concluded on February 22, leaving fans with a warm tickle in their hearts. Now, talking about the second season of the reality dating series, it is still very early to say anything. Since it has been only a few hours since the last episode of the first season premiered, it is not a surprise that there has been no official announcement from the creators or the platform about the renewal of the show for Love Is Blind Japan Season 2.

Love Is Blind: Japan Season 2

However, there is more than a fair chance that the streaming giant will bring the show back for another season, given the massive dedicated fanbase that various renditions of the reality series have generated in the past some time.

Fans can expect the second season to cast people from various backgrounds. Chris Coelen, the creator of the series, previously stated about the reality show, “We’re not really looking for anything. We’re setting it up and following where it goes.” He added, “If people who you might conventionally think are mismatched physically fall in love, amazing. But that’s the thing: What is your perception of what the word ‘mismatch’ means?”

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