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Swap Shop Season 3: Canceled? Will The Show Return?

Netflix has been producing some really uncanny and quirky reality shows for the past few years. And fans, of course, love it. Swap Shop is yet another example of the streaming service’s diverse browsing list. It delves into the world of the bargain, where collectors try to get their hands on unique items and get the best deal possible. The first two seasons have been immensely successful, and fans are now waiting for Swap Shop Season 3. So, let’s discuss what we know about it.

What To Expect From Swap Shop Season 3?

When the show returns for Swap Shop Season 3, it is likely to follow carry-on with the same format, just like it did in the last two seasons. In the third season, we will likely see the duos tuning into the radio station to get the lowdown on various goods to grow their personal or professional collection. 

It entails seeking diamonds in the incorrect places, haggling with the vendor, returning the stone, and remarketing for a profit. It might consist of everything from antiques and treasures to comic comics and other one-of-a-kind objects. And when they find something that draws their interest, they rush to be the first one to reach the person who is selling them. With this, they try to pull off a mutually beneficial deal for both.

Consequently, viewers will see the same in Swap Shop Season 3, where the cast members will do everything they can to find a valuable item, restore it, and then keep it or sell it as they please or whatever is profitable for them. Swap Shop is the prime example of how one person’s garbage can be someone else’s treasure. Although we don’t know much about the Swap Shop Season 3, viewers can expect it to bring a whole lot of interesting buying and selling for us.

When Will The Next Season Come?

The entire second season of the Swap Shop, having a total of six episodes, dropped on Netflix on February 16, 2022. Now talking about the possibility of the third season, as of now, Neither the streaming service Netflix nor the creators of the series have spilled any beans about the renewal of the show for Swap Shop Season 3. 

Netflix generally takes several months before taking the decision of whether to renew a series or not. So, it is a possibility that the streaming service is taking its sweet time before we get Swap Shop Season 3. Till then, we ask fans to be optimistic and stay tuned with TechRadar247 for all the updates.

Swap Shop Season 3 Cast!

The first seasons of the reality show follow the same eight duos of buyers as they try to find extraordinary and valuable items. Therefore, when the series returns for Swap Shop Season 3, we might see the main cast members from the first season coming back to find more unique objects. Since the radio show or people related to it did not have much screentime in two seasons, we wish to hear the RJ Jay Phillip’s voice.

The cast for Swap Shop Season 3 might include Victoria “Tori” Clooney and Larry of West Main Antiques, along with Dale Kyker and Scott Jones from Kyker’s Extreme Automotive. In addition, viewers may also see JD and Bobby of JD’s Realty & Auction and The BobMart in the third season.

The married couple Jen and Doug from Pickers Paradise and siblings Sammie and Mark Isaac of Sammie’s Auction House are also expected to make their returns. In addition, Swap Shop Season 3 could also feature Richard Davis and Garin Dickerson of Nirvana Comics, JP Mathes, and Fiddling Leona alongside Leo and Danny from Versus ATL.

Where Are Jen And Doug From Last Season?

Jennifer “Jen” and Douglas “Doug” Seals, despite their specialty in sought-after gewgaws and the scary, have managed to master the art of negotiating. Their Pickers Paradise antique business on North Broad Street in Tazewell, Tennessee, is still prospering because of this, as well as their regard for their clients. When it comes to their personal lives, it may seem strange since they married just six months after meeting in the mid-2010s. However, they will be able to make it work since their differences will complement one another.

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