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True To The Game 4: Renewed? Who Will Return This Time?

True To The Game 3 aired back on December 3, 2021, and shortly it became the most popular movie of the weekend. That further let the fans wonder when True To The Game 4 will return on the screen. Despite receiving mixed responses from the fans as well as critics, the third installment achieved massive popularity for its finale.

As of now, many fans are hoping to hear more about Gena and what next step she will take in her life. But unfortunately, things might not work as per plan. Let’s take a look at whether True To The Game 4 will return or not.

True To The Game 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, not yet! Neither the directors nor the producers have spoken about the new installment of True To The Game 4. But it doesn’t mean the series won’t appear in the future. There’s a possibility that the directors will come up with a plan as the third part left fans on edge. Further, the movie has been critically acclaimed by fans as well as critics. As of now, we are waiting for an official announcement. This is because the entire cast appeared in the third part, and their performance was unmatchable.

The critics, as well as fans, did enjoy the trilogy. Well, crime romance has its own fanbase, and the movie topped in creating such a spark. However, there’s a slim possibility that it could happen as the film was initially supposed as a trilogy. The franchise is based on Teri Woods novels. Although after her novel series become a hit, she returned with three more novels Deadly Reigns, Alibi, and Dutch. However, she never came up with True To The Game’s fourth novel. Thus, it is also possible that it couldn’t happen.

Teri Woods Planning To Return With More Novels

Although she hadn’t written the fourth novel of True To The Heart, she shared her future plans regarding the series. She assured the fans that she was thinking of revamping the books. The announcement came during a press release in 2013. But she hadn’t spoken about expanding it. Although we can still hope for the best and wonder the revamping of the series might lead to renewing her contract with Hachette Book Group. If this would happen, then undoubtedly True To The Game 4 would be on the cards.

True To The Game 4: What Will Happen If It Gets Renew?

Well, the series originally focused on Gena from Philadelphia. She tries to live with her grandmother Gah-Git peacefully until she meets a drug dealer, Quadir. The two had a deep connection, but Quadir left her on her own. Later, the rival gang leader started following Gena just to get the details about the drug dealer.

While things turned darker, Quadir returned and rescued Gena. Meanwhile, the duo saved Jarrell from a daunting situation. So, if the movie returns, it will continue with the gang war and rescue mission. Meanwhile, Gena will try to join the pieces of the puzzle to find the mystery behind the rivalry.

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