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The Doors of Stone: WAIT IS OVER! Release Date Out

The Kingkiller Chronicle fantasy novel trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss is finally ready with the final piece of the trilogy. The Chronicle series debuted with the release of Patrick’s first book, The Name of the Wind, 2007. Next, the second installment of the trilogy was The Wise man’s Fear which came out in 2011. Since, then fans have been eagerly waiting for the third installment, termed “The Doors of Stone.”

Although fans would be thrilled to know that Patrick Rothfuss has finally confirmed that the trilogy is set to complete with the release of the third installment very soon. The two books of the Kingkiller Chronicle have sold over 10 million copies. Thus, the trilogy’s popularity has left dedicated readers eagerly waiting for the final novel of the series. So, keep reading ahead to know all about The Doors of Stone, including the release date.

The Kingkiller Chronicle follows the life of a man named Kvothe. In the present, he works as a rural innkeeper and lives under a pseudonym. In his past life, he was a wandering trooper and a musician who eventually evolved to become a notorious wizard known as the infamous Kingkiller. The novel trilogy depicts a secondary world fantasy named Temerant. It has its magic system, sympathetic magic, mixing alchemy, and sygaldry magic blended perfectly under mysterious settings. 

The Name of the Wind (Part 1)

The trilogy begins with an old storyteller talking about a famous old wizard named Taborlin the Great. He is captured by evil beings called the Chandrian. Taborlin manages to escape them and is forced to jump from a great height. However, the Wind comes and sets him down safely as he knows the Wind’s name and calls for help. During the course of the story, the story revolves around the skeptical characters who are experts in magic skills. In the epilogue, the writer implies that Bast’s fears are well-founded, and the present-day Kvothe is described as a man who just wants to die.

The Wise Man’s Fear (Part 2)

The second novel, titled “The Wise Man’s Fear,” came out in 2011. In that, Kvothe tells about the second day of his recounting life story to Chronicler at the Waystone Inn. He tells him about his younger days when he pursued magic education at the University. He also talks about a feud he had with his fellow student Ambrose. Kvothe received charges of Consortation with Demonic Powers on Ambrose’s complaint for calling out The Name of the Wind.

He manages to defend himself at the court but is forced to take a term off due to high term tuition. Eventually, Bast’s disciple prompts two soldiers to rob the Waystone Inn to revitalize Kvothe. However, Kvothe loses the battle, and Bast kills the soldiers. In the end, Kvothe remembers the Ketan as he becomes his old self once again in The Wise Man’s Fear.

The Doors Of Stone: What To Expect?

The third novel will continue to tell the story of, Kvothe, the world’s greatest magician ever, after the events of The Wise Man’s Fear. As per Rothfuss, the upcoming novel could be the start of a new magical adventure for Kvothe, as the University serves a supporting role during the final journey. Moreover, The Doors of Stone will be the concluding chapter of The Kingkiller Chronicle. Thus, fans can expect a lot of characters to die appropriately in the upcoming novel. The upcoming novel could be full of battles, death, revelations, and confrontations.

The Doors Of Stone: When Does It Return?

Fans have waited more than ten years to read the final installment of The Kingkiller Chronicle. There were several delays due to the pandemic and health scarce from the writer. Hence, The Doors of Stone is finally set to be released this year. However, the writer or the publication has not revealed the official release date yet. But, the fans are anticipating that the final installment might return by July 2022. So, stay tuned for more thrilling news updates only on TechRadar247.com.

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