Ridley Jones Season 4

Ridley Jones Season 4: Renewed By Netflix? Boss Talks About Future!

It’s only been a few weeks since Ridley Jones wrapped up airing on the giant streaming platform. However, avid fans are already curious to learn about Ridley Jones Season 4. Will it ever happen? Well, it’s a long way to go. Yet the show has a massive fanbase as it explores the life of a fun-loving kid. Recently, the series showrunner has also spilled their plans about Ridley Jones Season 4. Let’s see what is cooking for us.

Created by Chris Nee, Ridley Jones follows the life of a 6-year-old girl, Ridley, and her experience in the children’s museum. In the show, the exhibits come into life, giving her a better experience as she plays along with those exhibits that later make her wonder if she should become a museum’s protector. So that she could support her exhibit friends that later led to the formation of “Eyes.”

Ridley Jones Season 4: Is It Renewed Yet?

As of now, Netflix is yet to announce the future of Ridley Jones. However, fans have been hopeful about the new installment. However, no need to fret. You will be surprised that the series creator Chris Nee has already planned something for the series’ fans. Nee has recently signed a deal with Netflix. That means she isn’t going anywhere. That could be a good sign for Ridley Jones as it will return for the fourth run.

Chris Nee Plans To Return For Ridley Jones Season 4

Nee recently told Variety about her future plans for Ridley Jones Season 4. She said she is walking on Shonda Rhimeses’ and Ryan Murphys’ paths to create a better world for the kids. Nee wanted to keep exploring new projects by actively participating as a creator and producer. She is looking forward to creating more kids’ base shows. Well, this deal signifies that Netflix is ready to work with Nee and her future plans. This shows the streaming giant is open to new projects.

Further, Ridley Jones had garnered more than 15.8 million views after the show aired on YouTube on June 8, 2021. Since then, the ratings have been skyrocketing. As of now, it has been streamed in several countries. Thus, it seems like Ridley Jones Season 4 could be on the cards. Further, the story explores action lover Ridley, who continues to break gender stereotypes. She future continues to explore the next adventure in her life.

Chris Is Looking Forward To New Projects

Chris is not only focused on Ridley Jones Season 4 but also enthusiastic about her new kids’ television shows. She is currently working on “Antiracist Baby” and “Dino Daycare.” Well, just like Ridley Jones, this series has been the most-watched kids’ show to date. Thus, it looks like the giant streaming platform is curious to keep promoting her ideas. Thus it could be a green sign that she will return with Ridley Jones Season 4.

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