June 15, 2024
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4400 Season 2: Boss Appears Hopeful For Next Run! What’s The Role Of Time Machine?

4400 Season 2

The CW reboot show 4400 left many fans in a startling position. Further, the cliffhanger left fans wondering what will happen next in 4400 Season 2. Well, the finale left everyone wondering what happened to those missing people in the past year. Further, it brews another mystery that might create more questions in the future. Are you looking for whether the show will return? So let’s dig deeper into it.


Based on 2004’s series of the same name, 4400 follows a group of people who were vanished without any trace. They were lost from the last century. However, they suddenly make their return leaving everyone startled. The people arrived from nowhere, and they don’t have their memories too. The surprising part is they hadn’t aged yet. Now, they battle with what happened to them and how to navigate in their life.

4400 Season 2: Has It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, we have some unpleasant news for the series fans. As of now, The CW and the showrunner haven’t yet announced the future of the series. The first season wrapped up airing on February 14, 2022. So, it’s quite early to speculate when the show will return. The network takes a few months to evaluate the viewership to announce the future of the show. It has also gained a mixed response from the audience and critics.

However, it achieved a solid 80% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.5/10 on Metacritic. That indicates that the show generally received favorable ratings. As per TV Series Finale, the first season of the show gained an average viewership of 0.07 in the 18-49 demo and 381,000 viewers in the live streaming on the same date. That means almost 0.7 percent of viewers binge-watched the show. Further, the series finale has topped the performance ratings. Thus there’s a possibility that the network will return with 4400 Season 2.

The Showrunner Hopeful For 4400 Season 2

The series showrunner Ariana Jackson and Sunil Nayar spoke to TVLine about the potential 4400 Season 2. When they were asked about the second season, they revealed that they had no news regarding it. As of now, the network hasn’t revealed its plan. So, they are still figuring out what the future holds for 4400 Season 2. But they are hopeful of returning with the second season to continue their saga.

Further, Sunil stated that both the network and studio had been their great supporters. So, now they are crossing their fingers. They wish to tell the stories of people. Well, the series cliffhanger indicates that the showrunner is looking forward to continuing telling their story. But we have to wait till the network and studio come up with an announcement.

Reason Behind The Delay

While the cliffhanger gives fans some hope that it would return with 4400 Season 2, it looks like the fans have a wait for a while. This is because the network is currently facing some financial trouble. And ViacomCBS is currently looking forward to selling it. Because of this, there has been a lack of renewal of the shows. However, the series’ first season did well and gained a positive response, reflecting that the network will renew the show for the next outing.

4400 Season 2: Who Will Return For The Next Run?

If the show gets renewed, it will ultimately continue the story of the missing people in 4400 Season 2. This means the characters from the first season will return on the second season as well. These include Brittany Adebumola as Shanice Murray, Joseph David-Jones as Jharrel Mateo, and Ireon Roach as Keisha. Apart from them, TL Thompson as Andre Davis, Jaye Ladymore as Claudette, and Derrick A. King as Isaiah “Rev” Johnston will also return. Besides them, Cory Jeacoma as Logan, Khailah Johnson as LaDonna Landry, Amarr Wooten as Hayden, and Autumn Best as Mildred Bell will also join.

4400 Season 2: What Will Happen Next If It Returns?

In the last season finale, both Logan and Manny were picked it up by the green light. But surprisingly, Jharrel and Claudette had a surprise visit from Manny. He said he disappeared just for half an hour. Apart from the memory issues, it later revealed that Manny had lived two years in the future. And he worked with Sienna Stone to change the world. Later, he jumped into the green light to continue as the 4400 sample.

But he, unfortunately, broke the tower, and now they can move in time. However, at present, Sienna approached Andre to help in creating the new machine. So, 4400 Season 2 will focus on how their time machine plays a crucial role in bringing the lost people back. But they shouldn’t forget that they have to deal with the government in the present time too. It will ultimately create more problems for them in the future.

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