Paris In Love Season 2

Paris Is Love Season 2: What Next For The Fashionista In The Second Season? Troubles Between The Couple Coming Up?

Paris Hilton is no doubt a remarkable star and fashionista around the world. She has achieved a lot in life. But her journey to the alter is what has kept fans hooked for the entire first season of Paris In Love. Now, since the show’s first season has been wrapped up, fans wonder if the reality series will return with Paris In Love Season 2 to tell us more about Paris Hilton’s entering the next phase of her life.

What Is The Show About?

Paris Hilton is a famous entrepreneur, singer, fashion icon, and DJ. The reality series Paris in Love follows the star, who is now willing to settle down in marriage with her partner Carter Reum. Carter is a prosperous venture tycoon. So, the series depicts Paris’s transition from a global icon to a bride. In the journey, her family and friends are there to help her enter this new phase in life.

Paris in Love Season 2

Also, to deal with all confusion and chaos that comes with the decision of marrying someone. In the bewitching reality series, viewers see the model preparing for her happily-ever-after with her better half, Carter. The show also glimpses the most special phases of Paris Hilton’s life.

Talking about the wedding of her sister, Kathy Hilton revealed,” You can’t force somebody to do something, but the family really felt like maybe this is it with her. She gets right there, and then gets cold feet,” Kathy said. This possible case of cold feet plays out in a December episode of “Paris in Love.”

When Is The Second Season Coming?

The first season of Paris In Love premiered on Peacock from November 11, 2021, to January 27, 2022. Now talking about the series’ possible renewal, Paris in Love depicts the journey of Paris Hilton marrying her lover Carter. However, if the show generates numbers strong enough, there is always a Paris In Love Season 2. The second season may follow the couple on their honeymoon or how they try to adjust to the fresh challenges of married life, or even them planning a child. 

Paris Hilton

Discussing her future family plans, Paris in an interview, stated, “I always love being a boss babe. I like working hard. I’m running a huge empire, so naturally, I’m always focused on my business…But one day when I become a mother, I’m not going to travel the way that I used to.” So, to depict the future events of the fashionista’s life, there are chances that the series will return for Paris In Love Season 2.

Who Will Appear In Paris In Love Season 2?

When the series returns for a second installment, we can be sure that Paris Hilton and Carter Reum will be back as a couple of the moments to be at the center of attraction. Paris’ fiance Carter is from a wealthy and influential family. Carter’s dad Bob Reum is an ex-chairperson and CEO of Amsted Industries. 

Paris in Love Season 2

Furthermore, both Paris and Carter’s family members will appear in Paris In Love Season 2. In the first season, too, Paris’ sister Nicky and mother Kathy Hilton made their presence felt. Other prominent cast members we expect to see in Paris In Love Season 2 include Paris’ aunt, Kyle Richards, and close family friend Kris Jenner. Apart from these, there will be several other known celebrities appearing in Paris In Love Season 2.

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