Women Of The Movement Season 2

Women Of The Movement Season 2: Canceled? Star Hints At Potential Future, Know What’s The Fate Of The Show

It’s merely been two months since ABC launched Women Of The Movement, and fans are curious to learn whether Women Of The Movement Season 2 is on the cards. Well, it looks like fans have to wait for a little as the network has yet to announce the decision. However, the series star and showrunner have recently revealed about the potential Women Of The Movement Season 2. Let’s see what the star has to say about the potential second season.

Created by Marissa Jo Cerar, Women Of The Movement is a historical drama that revolves around the civil rights movements. It took place in 1955 when Mamie Till-Mobley’s son Emmett Till was brutally murdered. However, she decided to take action against her son’s killer. She started a fight alone to get justice for him. It later created the civil rights movement in the country.

Women Of The Movement Season 2: Is It Renewed?

As of now, ABC hasn’t revealed the fate of the Women Of The Movement. However, it hasn’t canceled the series as well, which gives some hope that the show could return for Women Of The Movement Season 2. The showrunner envisioned it as an anthology series. Thus, there are several other civil rights moments left to explore which could play a significant part in the upcoming season. Well, ABC generally evaluates ratings to determine the fate of the show. Thus, fans can expect it to take a few more months to decide the future of the show.

Creator Envisioned It As Limited Series

The series produced by Will Smith, Aaron Kaplan, and Jay-Z is an anthology series. It delves into the chronicles of the civil rights moment narrated by the women. At the time of writing, they provided a virtual writer’s room to the writers until ABC green light the project. But after the show’s renewal, it became a limited series. Further, ABC president Karey Burke told Deadline that they are honored to bring such a story to ABC. Thus it looks like they will indeed come up with Women Of The Movement Season 2.

Star Reveals The Future Plans

Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, one of the series cast members revealed the future plans. Glynn Turman, who plays Emmett’s great Uncle Mose, reveals that the second season is currently on work. He thinks that it is just the beginning of vibrant stories that revolve around the courageousness of women, particularly Black women. And while asking whose story will show this time, he responded to Rosa Parks. Additionally, when Turman asked as to whether he would be on the show, he responded with “Heck, yeah.”

Women Of The Movement Season 2: Has Production Started?

As of now, the network hasn’t announced the future of the show. However, considering Turman’s statement, it is somewhat evident that the show has been renewed secretly for Women Of The Movement Season 2. Considering this parameter, it looks like the show is currently in its early production stage. So, it will take a couple of months to start filming the show. Viewers can also expect the show to undergo production in the summer of 2022, and it might take six to seven months to wrap up filming.

Women Of The Movement Season 2: Release Date

Currently, ABC has yet to announce the fate of the show. However, if we consider that the production will start in the summer of 2022, fans can expect Women Of The Movement Season 2 to return in spring 2023. This is because the post-production work won’t take much time to wrap up post-production work. So, stay tuned for more such updates.

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