Byron Baes Season 2

Byron Baes Season 2: Will Conspiracy Lead To Show’s Cancelation? Know What’s Next

Byron Baes has just dropped on Netflix, and fans are already curious to know whether or not Netflix will come up with Byron Baes Season 2. As of now, the streaming giant has not revealed many details. So, chances are that anything could happen. However, the show seems to walk on a slim rope as it has received a mixed response. Is that mean it is the end of the series? Unfortunately, not, Netflix has something for us. Let’s see what it could be.

Created by Julian Morgans, the Australian drama takes place in New South Wales. In the show, a group of influencers comes together to help grow each other in the picturesque town of Byron Baes. The group consists of models, photographers, designers, spiritual coaches, musicians, and entrepreneurs. They all help each other grow, but things turn drastic when the drama starts to brew in their lives.

Byron Baes Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Byron Baes has recently aired on Netflix on March 9, 2022. And fans are looking forward to hearing about the second season. Well, it’s quite early to guess when Netflix will come up with its decision. The streaming platform generally takes a couple of months to evaluate the viewership. Based on this, it decides whether or not to renew the show. Further, the show’s renewal is based on cost vs. viewership analysis. Apart from this, the controversies surrounding this show might create a big problem for Netflix.

So, it seems like Netflix will try to play safe. Recently the news surfaced that the cast members alleged that the production company tricked them into participating in the show. Meanwhile, Byron Bay people opposed that the filming could affect their town’s ecology and affect the local community. Thus, deeming such allegations, Netflix has to consider these parameters to decide the future of the show.

Byron Baes Season 2: Who Will Return?

As of now, there’s no news about who could return for Byron Baes Season 2. Based on the show’s description, the show might come up with new faces in the second season. So, let’s wait till the streamer reveals much info. Besides them, there’s a slim chance that the first season cast members could return for the second run.

These include Jade Kevin Foster, Simba Ali, and Cai Leplaw. Nathan Favro, Elias Chigros, Alex Reid, and Dave Frim may also join. Other cast members list include Sarah St. James, Elle Watson, and Hannah Brauer. Saskia Wotton, Lauren Johansen-Bell, and Jessica Johansen-Bell could also return.

Byron Baes Season 2: What To Expect Next?

If it returns for Byron Baes Season 2, it will follow the same storyline as of the first season. The second season will continue to explore the trendy hustlers, designers, musicians, artists, and spiritual healers storyline. Further, it will portray their struggles in growing as a community. The second run will also help them to grow more in their business by connecting people of their soul family. It might also help them gain social followings in the New South Wales town. The show will further offer a glimpse of artist community life.

Byron Baes Season 2: When Will It Return?

As of now, the streamer has yet to announce whether or not the show could return with Byron Baes Season 2. Although, if we assume that the show could renew sometime in April 2022, then there’s a possibility that it could undergo production sometime in the summer of 2022. Then, the production might take a few more months to wrap up. So, we can expect Byron Baes Season 2 to return in early 2023. Till then, stay tuned with us for more details.


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