Bust Down Season 2

Bust Down Season 2: Renewed? Boss Hints At Pre-Production Stage! More Contentious Issues Coming Up

Bust Down has just dropped its first season on Peacock, and its extremely hilarious narrative gained many hearts. The finale left the fans edging on their seat to find out what would happen next. Meanwhile, others are clamoring for Bust Down Season 2 to escape in a different world. No doubt, the series gained a positive response, and now fans are looking forward to hearing about the second season. Will it happen? Let’s see!

Created by real-life friends Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Chris Redd, and Sam Jay, Bust Down has centered on their true friendship. It focuses on the story of four friends who are working in a casino in Middle America on low-wage. Every character comes up with weird plans to the table in order to feel self-worth. However, it’s quite thrilling to see how these characters work together irrespective of their different nature. They form a special bond while working together in the casino.

Bust Down Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Bust Down Season 2

Bust Down dropped its first season on March 10, 2022 on Peacock. The thirty-minute-long six episodes focus on the life of four best friends. Their funny nature and dark humor gained massive popularity. It’s only been a day since the show premieres, and fans are already clamoring to know more about Bust Down Season 2. However, the streamer hasn’t announced the future of the show yet. Even the series characters haven’t revealed anything regarding the second season.

But viewers know Peacock is currently trying to expand the streaming platform with some original series. And there are already fewer original stories on the streaming platform. Thus, fans can expect that the streaming platform might come with Bust Down Season 2 sooner or later. However, the streamer hasn’t shared the viewership the show gained. So it’s quite vague now to wonder how good or bad the show performed based on its ratings.

Bust Down Season 2

Season 2 Is On The Cards

Do you know Bust Down creators have been working on the show for at least half a decade? That means there are plenty of stories to cover. But it remains unclear whether they have written the entire script or it’s just in the brainstorming stage. There’s also a possibility that the first season was just a trial version to see whether or not it could garner the targeted audience. So that they can come up with a hilarious storyline in Bust Down Season 2.

Bust Down Season 2: Who Could Be In The Cast?

The first season revolved around the four friends and how they navigate their lives. So there’s no doubt this quartet will return for Bust Down Season 2. These include Chris Redd as Chris, Sam Jay as Sam, Jak Knight as Jak, and Langston Kerman as Langston. But they won’t be alone who will return on the show. Other cart members include Freddie Gibbs as Chauncey, DomiNque Perry as Nina, and Phi Tran as Tiki.

Shani Ashley Francillon as Patrice, Estella Henderson as Chris’ Mom, and Dan Bakkedahl as Horace will also return. Besides them, Alexis Rhee might also return with Mary. And we can expect some fresh faces on the show as well. However, let’s wait until the streamer comes up with an official statement.

Bust Down Season 2

Bust Down Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the first season, the series portrayed some controversial topics which are forbidden to broadcast on the network. In the first episode, Jak’s manager groped him, which brings different feelings. And now he has to decide what he wants. Not only this has the series continued to manage more satirical and controversial stories to play. So if Bust Down Season 2 returns, then we can expect that the clique friends will find themselves at a traumatic point.

Bust Down Season 2: When Will It Return?

As of now, Peacock has yet to announce whether or not Bust Down returns with the second season. But if it does, then perhaps sooner in the summer of 2022, we can expect that the show will undergo production. It merely takes a few months to wrap up production. So considering this, fans can consider that the show could return with Bust Down Season 2 sometime in early 2023.


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