May 29, 2024
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Firebite Season 2: Stars Optimistic For Next Run! A Great War Between Australia and Britain!

Firebite Season 2

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the first season of Firebite wrapped up, and fans are already clamoring for Firebite Season 2. Well, the series has gained massive popularity for its unique narration and, of course, acting. But, it looks like fans have to wait a little longer to see the show in the future. But will it return? Well, many are currently having the same question. But we have some delightful news for you. Let’s see what it is.


Created by Brendan Fletcher and Warwick Thornton, Firebite takes place somewhere in the South Australian desert. It follows the surge of vampires in the remote town that leads to the end of humanity. Now only two Australian hunters, Shanika and Tyson, were left to save humanity from getting extinct. Can they be able to do this? Especially when the vampires are at every nook and ready to turn everyone into vampires?

Firebite Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Unfortunately, not yet! AMC+, the distributing platform behind the series, is yet to announce the renewal news for Firebite Season 2. It’s only been a few weeks since the series wrapped up airing. Thus, it’s quite early for the network to greenlight the show. However, shortly in a few months, viewers can expect that the network will come up with official news soon.

Firebite gained mixed responses throughout the entire season. On IMDb, the series gained 5.1/10 positive responses from the critics, while it gained 86% on Rotten Tomatoes. Thus, it left fans in a baffling situation whether the series could return for Firebite Season 2 or not. Well, deeming the ratings, fans can expect that sooner AMC+ would renew the show for the second season. Further, the series stars have some positive news for the fans.

Stars Are Optimistic For Firebite Season 2

Recently, the series star Yael Stone and co-head of AMC series, and AMC president of original programming, Dan McDermott, has revealed the future of the show. Yael stated that Firebite has wonderfully shown brutal colonialism. It also created a remarking statement with bringing vampires on the table. This is why Yael wants to continue with the second run.

Meanwhile, Dan said that he’s excited to continue with such breathtaking storytellers. Further, See-Saw Films’ head, Rachel Gardner, is also looking forward to continuing with Firebite Season 2. She finds the series incredibly thrilling and is interested in bringing back Warwick and Brendan’s unique vision. She further praised the story and seemed excited to come up with the second season. Well, deeming the response the show has achieved, viewers can expect it to return with the second season sooner or later.

Firebite Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

The first season explored the world where vampires surge led to the end of humanity in the South Australian desert. However, later it revealed that the vampires were working for Britain to clear indigenous people of Australia. However, the two Australian hunters, Shanika and Tyson, decided to take down those vampires. Thus, if the show returns with the next season, then it would ultimately explore the battle between Australia and Britain.

This is because the two hunters will someone find a way to connect with the military. So, they might dig deeper into the root cause of the return of vampires. It will ultimately lead to bloodshed. Meanwhile, there’s a slight possibility that the military will start a research program. That is related to how to convert vampires into humans back. So perhaps it could also happen.

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