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Ladhood Season 3: Renewed By BBC? Focus On Liam And His Adolescent Years

The second season of BBC iPlayer’s autobiographical series starring Liam Williams as himself, Ladhood premiered in America on Hulu in January 2021. The coming of age drama series has garnered praises from the audience and critical acclaim. And fans are still waiting for Ladhood Season 3. Surprisingly, now we have the news they were hoping for. But when will the third season air? Let’s discuss.

What Is The Show About?

At the beginning of the show, Liam Williams was experiencing problems with his relationship and behavior. This prompts him to consider the events that have molded him into the person he is now. While Ladhood mostly centers on Liam and his exploits, viewers also get an insight into the lives of Adnan, Tom, and Ralph, who are Liam’s buddies. The awkwardness of adolescence is accurately represented through intellectual humor.

Ladhood season 2

What Will Happen In Ladhood Season 3?

When the series returns for Ladhood Season 3, it will likely continue the story after the ending of the second season in the mid-2000s. In the third season, a young Liam will head towards readying to enroll himself in the university. And he will leave no stones unturned to get a place among the most prestigious universities. However, he will have to qualify for the interview while also excelling in the tests. But this will not be easy given the distraction by his adventures with his friends.

In Ladhood Season 3, Liam may try to distance himself from Ralph, Adnan, and Craggy in an attempt to pursue his goals. As a result, the next installment will center on Liam and his adolescent years spent attempting not to make mistakes. In the process, his adventures will be told in the form of touching tales.

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Who Will Return?

The main cast members of Ladhood include Liam Williams playing himself, while his younger self is played by Oscar Kennedy. The series also stars Lily Frazer as Liam’s girlfriend Jess, Andrew Alexander plays Tom, and Shaun Thomas appears in the role of Tom Cragg, AKA Craggy. 

In addition, other cast members include Samuel Bot Bottomley as Ralph Roberts, Aqib Khan as Adnan Masood, and Abigail Thorn playing Iona. Since the renewal of the show has been announced, we expect most of the prominent cast members, including Liam Williams, in the lead role. On the other hand, the third season may also introduce some new characters in the series. 

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When Is Ladhood Season 3 Coming?

BBC iPlayer’s autobiographical sitcom series Ladhood made its way on the American screens on Hulu on January 11, 2022. And fans should be thrilled to know that BBC iPlayer has confirmed that the series is coming back for Ladhood Season 3. The network even teased some bits of the storyline of the third season. Understandably, the lead cast member Liam Williams enthralled to return to play his onscreen counterpart. As per the reports, the third season will have a total of six episodes. 

While announcing the renewal of the third season, Josh Cole, Cheif of BBC studios, stated, “Liam is an extraordinary talent and in Ladhood has created a beautifully realised world we can all (painfully) relate to. He is a joy to work with and we are delighted the BBC has ordered a third series.”

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As far as the details about the productions and filming of the third season are concerned, we don’t have any clarity yet. But according to some reports, the production may begin in mid-2022. So we may expect the release of Ladhood Season 3 around late 2022 or early 2023. But this is just our speculation; fans will have to wait till there is some confirmation about the same.

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