MeatEater Season 11

MeatEater Season 11: Canceled? Will Netflix Ever Return With Another Season?

Fans are well aware of the hunting reality show MeatEater. It has been on air since 2012, and fans are hoping that it will once again return with MeatEater Season 11. Will it be? Well, unfortunately, we have not-so-good news for the show’s fans. However, no need to fret at all.

MeatEater was created by Zero Point Zero Production Inc. and set a brand name while expanding its franchise. It takes place in the vast wilderness where the popular hunter Steven Rinella shows how to hunt and cook a variety of species. The show usually explores the process of hunting and how the animal is caught. Later, it shifts to the nutrition it carries and how to prepare and cook it. Well, the show has been on the air for ten seasons. And fans are waiting to learn more about MeatEater Season 11. Let’s see will it come or not.

MeatEater Season 11: Is It Renewed?

Sadly, we have not-so-good news for the series fans. Netflix is yet to renew the show for the eleventh season officially. The streaming platform hasn’t dropped any update regarding MeatEater Season 11. However, deep down, fans know that show will return as it has completed ten seasons so far. Further, Rinella has created an image of being a famous hunter. And he has expanded the brand name by starting a lifestyle brand of the same name.

He also runs his podcast with the same name. It shows how much he is open to exploring new projects and reaching out to a wide variety of audiences. Speaking of the show, its popularity has touched the sky. It has earned four awards to date for Best Small Game Episode, Best Television Program, and Best New Series. Thus deeming it accolades, fans can expect the series to soon return with MeatEater Season 11.

Will It Ever Return?

Well, the show generally doesn’t take much time to start airing. Considering the ninth season, the first part was started airing back in September 2020, while the second part started in February 2021. Similarly, season 10 started airing in September 2021, but its second part is yet to air. So, this could be the reason why Netflix remained mum on the renewal of the series. In other words, fans have to wait for the MeatEater Season 10 Part 2. Meanwhile, they can expect MeatEater Season 11 to follow the same timeline and will return soon in September 2022.

Why Netflix Is Mum Regarding Renewal Of MeatEater Season 11?

Netflix generally waits for a couple of months to decide the future of the show. However, it wasn’t the case with MeatEater. It generally starts airing after a few months’ gaps. But it is possible that due to the traveling restrictions and COVID-related pandemic, Netflix might have decided to put a hold on the show. But it doesn’t mean that the show won’t return. Considering the high ratings it received, viewers can expect that sooner or later, the show will return to your screens with MeatEater Season 11.


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