May 20, 2024
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Temple Season 3: When Will Mark Strong Return? Did Sky Network Renew The Show?

Sky Network’s Temple is a British crime drama series that debuted in 2019. The show created by Mark O’Rowe stars Kingsman fame Mark Strong. Temple draws inspiration from the Norwegian drama Valkyrien. We saw Daniel Milton getting involved deeper in the underground crime world in the second season. And after its cliffhanger ending, fans have been waiting for Temple Season 3. But will it happen? Let us discuss about that-


About The Show!

Daniel Milton is an incredibly respected surgeon in a web of abandoned carrier tunnels underneath Temple Underground Station. He operates an illegal scientific medical facility treating convicts and outcasted sufferers. Daniel started the facility to find a cure for his wife, Beth, who is suffering from a lethal illness. Lee is a Temple station member, while Anna is a scientific researcher who assists Daniel in running the facility.

Temple season 3

However, the secret of the Temple slowly got out towards the end of a superb opening scene in which three seemingly disparate storylines converge and flow in one direction. Jamie Harris runs over a cop while being shot in the stomach during a furnished theft gone wrong. Mercy and Keith, the two robbers, were really frightening, and you can sense their dread. Now we await where the story will head in Temple Season 3.

When Is Temple Season 3 Coming?

Temple |

The second season of Temple premiered on SKY Max on October 28, 2021. And we’d like to inform the fans that there has been no official announcement by the network about Temple Season 3. 

However, cast member Mark Strong talked about the show in an interview with Collider. He stated, “The thing about any television series is that you need cliffhangers, and you need moments that will encourage people to watch the next episode. In this particular instance, we want people to wanna know what happens in Season 3. We’ve written a couple of episodes and have a treatment ready for the third season, should we be lucky enough to get to make it. So we were very conscious that we wanted to have a big cliffhanger, which we do.” 

Temple Season 3

Strong further continued, “I’ve got a couple of movies lined up. I’ve got one that’s shooting here in London, between now and Christmas. It’s an old-fashioned heist movie about a bunch of guys getting together to commit a robbery. And then, in the New Year, I’m hoping to do a movie with Adam Sandler. That’s on the cards, but our people are talking, as they say, at the moment.” 

So as of this moment, any official confirmation about Temple Season 3 hasn’t been out yet. But based on what Mark said, fans have more than enough reason to be excited about the third season. That being said, TechRadar247 will keep you updated when the announcement for season 3 is made.

Temple Season 3 Cast!

Temple Season 3

Mark Strong plays the lead role of surgeon Daniel Milton in Temple, while Catherine McCormack plays Milton’s wife, Beth. The show also features Daniel Mays as Lee Simmons, and Carice van Houten appears as medical researcher Anna. In addition, there is Rhys Ifans, playing unreliable underworld fixer Gubby. Meanwhile, Michael Smiley was Gubby’s medical assistant Dermot. 

Fur thermore, other significant cast members include Ruthxjiah Bellenea, Tobi King Bakare Mandeep Dhillon, Will Keen, Jamie Michie. Also, Gbemisola Ikumelo, Lily Newmark, and Ryan McKen appear in the show. And most of these cast members are expected to reprise their roles in Temple Season 3.

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