Mad Men Season 8 Plot

Mad Men Season 8: Jon Hamm Reacts To Sudden Viewership Rise! Another Season In Works

AMC’s Mad Men is one of those shows, that no matter how much time has passed since it ended fans keep hoping for a revival. The immensely popular period drama series revolves around Don Draper, (played by Jon Hamm) working in Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency in Manhattan in the 1960s. The show has been off-air for several years. But true fans are still optimistic about Don’s return with Mad Men Season 8. So, what are the chances? Let us find that out here-

What Might Happen In Mad Men Season 8?

For all seven seasons, Don Draper has been the center of the series. The seventh season ended with Don going to California to find some peace in his life. He believed that the reason behind his troubles was the lies he told that had impacted other people. Towards the end, viewers saw Don quietly meditating, while the smile on his face indicated that he finally found some peace. 

Mad Men Season 8

However, the last season closed with a brilliant Coca-cola ad, and fans have reason to believe that it was none other than Don who was behind that iconic advertisement. If this indeed is the cast, it means that Don is back in business. So if there ever is Mad Men Season 8, it will feature more of Don’s professional endeavors. 

Will There Be Mad Men Season 8?

Mad Men Season 8

The seventh season of AMC’s Mad Men premiered on April 13, 2014, and concluded its run on May 17, 2015. Meanwhile, talking about Mad Men Season 8, it is pretty clear that the show is not coming back. It has been over seven years, there have been no plans to bring back the series. So, fans’ might have to be content with a rewatch of the seven seasons.

Don Draper Reacts To Spike In Mad Men’s Viewership!

It has been about seven years since a new episode of Mad Men was released. Nonetheless, the show is going strong in terms of viewerships and fan following. The viewership of Mad Men saw a sudden spike when people were confined to their homes due to Covid19 induced restrictions. Recently, actor Jon Hamm who plays the lead role in the drama series reacted to this sudden spicule in the show’s viewership numbers.  

Mad Men Season 8

Jon said, “I found over the course of lockdown that a lot of people started watching it, that I actually thought had watched it.” When one of Jon’s friends finally saw the series several years after its release, Jon’s reaction was, Really? It’s been ten years since it’s been off the air. “But yeah. I’m very happy when people actually see it because it’s a good show. I’m proud of it,” he added.

Never Count Don Draper Out!

Nobody knows what happened to Don Draper after Mad Men ended. But it could have been a redemption narrative given the series finale’s implication. Long-time fans were enthralled by the series’ anti-decade-long hero’s unraveling, which gradually showed that his life was as fake as the advertisements he created.

Mad Men Season 8

It’s been said that Don’s hilltop meditation was the inspiration for one of the most famous ads of all time: the iconic “I’d want to buy the world a Coke” jingle, which lives on almost 50 years later. It was mysterious enough to evoke a slew of what-if scenarios but not as obscure as a Sopranos-style fade-to-black ending, giving devoted fans the satisfying conclusion they deserved.

The Title Mad Men Has Never Been Used In The Series!

Mad Men Season 8

Although this may come as a surprise to many, but this is one hundred percent true. The title Mad Men has never been used or spoken throughout its seven seasons long run. Except for a brief mention in the pilot that the phrase was originated in the 1950s by advertising firm employees ad men on Madison Avenue in New York City. “Mad” was a combination of “Madison” and “ad,” and while Don Draper and his fellow advertising professionals may not have called themselves that, it was an appropriate title.

After all, Don’s mental health is called into doubt several times during the novel. He’s a fundamentally flawed man whose professional success is based on helping others through his clients. And its customers, who believe that the items they purchase will improve their lives. Like so many other aspects of the series, the title works on multiple levels.

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